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Norman Fenton Video Resources

See my YouTube Video Channel

Analysing probabilty to predict football results - Professor Norman Fenton

Bayes Theorem

The Deer Hunter: A lesson in the basics of risk and probability assessment

Simpsons Paradox Example 1: Kidney Stones

Simpson's Paradox Example 2: Exercise v Junk food consumption

Trailer (BBB Climate Change by Numbers)

Bayesian network model for personalised COVID19 risk assessment and contact tracing

Bayesian networks causal models vs. machine learnt models

People and Pandemics – A Better World?

A simple introduction to AgenaRisk This is a 7-minute introduction to get you started on the Bayesian network tool AgenaRisk. Note this is NOTE the latest version of AgenaRisk so there may be changes to the functionality described.

Table Learning in AgenaRisk 7.0   7 minute tutorial on using table learning functionality in AgenaRisk 7.0  NOTE the latest version of AgenaRisk so there may be changes to the functionality described.

Transforming a continuous probability value into a Boolean  This is a 4-minute video describing how to do this 'Binomial trick' in AgenaRisk

Assessing Software Project Risk using Bayesian networks  This 8-minute video walks through a powerful model for analysing software project risks

Modelling investment risk   This 10-minute video walks through a simple Bayesian network model of return on investment

Predicting software defects. This is a 3-minute WMV-format video that explains some apparently anomolous results relating pre and post-release defects in components of large software systems.

Defects Model. This is an 8-minute AVI-format video explaining a simple Bayesian Net model for software defect prediction. It should be viewed after watching the above 3-minute video about pre and post-release defects.


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