Lebanon article (anti-Israel propaganda piece) in QM Student Union Magazine CUB

In November 2006 the Queen Mary Student Union Magazine CUB devoted much of its space to a viciously anti-Israel presentation of the 2006 Lebanon war without any attempt to check the facts, or provide balance or right of reply.  Pride of place was given to an interview with a Lebanese student who was clearly totally ignorant of recent history and the events leading up to the war. In addition to being inflammatory and fundamentally incorrect in many aspects, the article (which was essentially  Hezbollah puff-piece) even contained threats against the so-called 'Western' givernment of Lebanon such as "The government of Lebanon  ... like an overgrown tree it's going to be chopped down".  

The magazine caused considerable distress, especially to Jewish and Israeli students and many complained to the editor Alex Hudson.
It later transpired that the 'journalist' (Kate Connelly) who did the 'interview' was a member of the Respect Party  (and was actually at the time on the Party's National Student Committee). Since Respect officially supports the terrorist organisations Hezbollah and Hamas and is committed to the destruction of the State of Israel,  the magazine's failure to point this out is deeply concerning.

Following the complaints Alex Hudson did meet with members of the Jewish Society and eventually published a response (see below).

The original article is here and in purely text form here. To give a feel for how big a 'story' it was, the front cover is here, inside cover is here and page next to the main article is here. Note the especially ridiculous words at the bottom of the inside cover.     

My initial response

My additional comment (in the light of events just after sending response)

Jewish Society correspondence
plus letter by Itimar Kastner and response to it

Response to my letter from Alex Hudson

My response to Alex Hudson

Hudson's follow-up

Letters from other QM students

The December 2006  issue of the magazine contains the response to the article based on the interview that the Editor (Alex Hudson)  did with myself and two students - Itamar Kastner and Jacqueline Halperin on 24 November. The response article is here (it is a large pdf file with the 2-page article plus the page with the CUB statement/apology and a letter).  Notwithstanding some errors in transcription, some wrongly attributed quotes, and some awful grammar, the article is a reasonable summary of the interviews. Note that the CUB statement includes an apology regarding the original article. It does not include all the points I had asked to include, but it does include the main points of failing to declare the RESPECT party affiliation and the offense caused to Israeli students. The one complaint I have about the article is that under the heading "What happened in Israel" the Editor has decided to use a photograph of Israelis relaxing on a beach, as if this was how most Israelis experienced the war. This is in extremely bad taste and in contrast to the use of photographs in the original article. It is also especially annoying as Jaqueline Halperin went to great lengths to send the Editor these pictures which clearly would have been more appropriate.