Subject: Re: ..and you should remove the story from the web site immediately
From: "Alex Hudson"
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 12:49:56 -0000 (GMT)
To: "Norman Fenton"

Dear Norman,
I've attached the statement that we've drawn up in response to this issue,
however I would like to comment a few of your remarks independently.

The issue relates to Queen Mary Students' Union because it is relevant to
Queen Mary students. Regardless of the bias of the viewpoint, it is an
issue that is very important. As in the statement, we intend, as we always
have done, to print the other side of the story in the next issue, though
this should have been made clearer in the article itself.

I definitely think that this would be a perfect counter-argument to the
piece and if you would be interested, your idea sounds like amazing. I
would however, like to be present at the interview with Kate Connelly if
that is okay? When can we arrange this? I also believe, on a personal note
that Kate is neither naive or ignorant.

The main reason for the article is to move a debate into the public arena,
that has previously been happening behind closed doors and in lecture
theatres. I understand your viewpoint and I am deeply sorry for any
offence the article may have caused, but we do try to show both sides of
the argument. This is something we fully intend to do.

I look forward to your reply and any possible times/dates for the interview.

Alex Hudson
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