Subject: ..and you should remove the story from the web site immediately
From: Norman Fenton
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 00:16:32 +0000
CC: Norman QM


As a follow-up to my previous email about the inflammatory Lebanon article I have discovered that the article also appears on the website.
While it is too late to to do anything about the hard copy magazines, you should remove this article immediately from the web.

Since sending my email I have heard on the news that the anti-Syrian, anti-Hezbollah Lebanese Government Minister Pierre Gemayel was assassinated today as part of the Syrian/Hezbollah plan to overthrow the Lebanese Government. In the light of this, the last paragraph of the article is especially sinister (it says "The government of Lebanon  ... like an overgrown tree it's going to be chopped down".

It is deeply concerning to know that public money is being used by Queen Mary students to promote the terrorist organisation Hezbollah,.and that your 'interviewer' Kate Connelly was apparently too naive/ignorant to know she was being duped.

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