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ACM Creativity & Cognition 2009
ACM 2009

W1. Creativity and Cognition in Engineering Design: Theoretical and Pedagogical Issues (full day)
Aditya Johri, Helen L. Chen, Micah Lande
Department of Engineering Education, Virginia Tech, Stanford Center for Innovations in Learning, Center for Design Research, Stanford University
This workshop brings together researchers and practitioners interested in theoretical and pedagogical issues at the juncture of creativity and cognition within the disciplinary context of engineering, defined broadly.

W3. Understanding the Creative Conversation: Modeling to Engagement (full day)
Sorry, there are no available places remaining for this workshop.
David A. Shamma, Dan Perkel, Kurt Luther
Yahoo! Research, School of Information, UC Berkeley, School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology
This workshop explores models of creative practice that connect the creator and the consumer via the creative act or artifact. We invite researchers and practitioners from any domain to discuss the design and process of creative activity.

W4. Designing for a Sustainable Future (full day)
Daniela Busse, Brinda Dalal, Eli Blevis, David Fore, Catherine Howard, Lara Lee.
SAP Labs (Palo Alto), PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), Indiana University - Bloomington, Cooper, and Jump Associates.
Sustainable development goals, practices, and principles have only been loosely defined. What does it entail, and how can user experience research, design, and strategy help shape a sustainable future?

W5. Using User Research in Creativity: Informing Systems, Service or Product Experience Design (full day)
Catriona Macaulay, Daniela Busse
Dundee University, SAP Labs
This workshop will address the challenge of improving the effective use of user research in the design process - its methods, role, and scope will be explored, critiqued, and discussed.

W12. Design of a Learning Place for Collaborative Creation by the Mode of Byo-bu (half day)
Chihiro Tetsuka, Kazuzi Mogi, Yoshiro Miyata, Nobuyuki Ueda, Yasushi Harada, Yomoyuki Sowa, Keiko Onishi, Masaki Inoue
Hyogo University of Teacher Edutation, Gunma University, Chukyo University, Chiba Industry University, Kobe Design University, SODA Design Research, Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts
The idea is to develop growing "images" from the impressions gotten from the paintings on the "Byo-bu (Folding screen)", and then to re-create with the others a "New story" coming from these "images". Thus, we would like to think about a collaborative creation based on individual or common ideas and the process of creative thinking that were raised by Byo-bu.

ACM 2009
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