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ACM Creativity & Cognition 2009
ACM 2009

'Swab' Drawings
Jane Prophet
Goldsmiths College/University of London, UK
In the Swab Drawing videos, we are privy to an intimate moment as cardiothoracic surgeon Francis Wells uses a swab of the patient's blood, during open-heart surgery, to recall diagrammatically the operating procedure.

The Sheep Market
Aaron Koblin
San Francisco, USA
The Sheep Market, is a web-based artwork that appropriates Amazon's Mechanical Turk system to implicate thousands of workers in the creation of a massive database of drawings. From one simple request, submitted to the MTurk system as a 'HIT' or Human Intelligence Task, workers create their version of "a sheep facing to the left" using simple drawing tools. The artist responsible for each drawing receives a payment of two cents for their labor.

The illusive Amuse Bouche provide you with a glimpse into the flow of the peripheral imperceptible and inescapable unknown.

Call for Bags
Sarah Atkinson
London, UK
Inspired by the theme of Everyday Creativity, we are asking you to post your old conference bag(s) to us by 24th August 2009 so that we can recycle them into one-of-a-kind reusable conference bags. Each bag that you send us will be hand crafted and sculpted by up-and-coming British designer Sarah Atkinson, commissioned by BigDog Interactive. For more details and mailing address, please see the CfB.


Material Inspiration
Nithikul Nimkulrat
University of Art and Design Helsinki
Created in connection with research on the expressivity of a physical material, this installation demonstrates a material's potential for transforming the meaning of artifacts in functional forms into a metaphor for affordances of everyday objects.

Stratification: Embodied Poetry Works by High School Students
Sarah Hatton, Ellen Campana, Andreea Danielescu
Arizona State University
These works are the result of collaborative creative practice between media artists and students in the context of two high school Language Arts classes for non-Native English speakers.

Where I Come From...An Art Exhibition Highlighting How Digital Media Tools are Helping At-Risk Youth Make Meaning of Their World
Angela E. Brown, Joseph Alter
San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco Unified School District
In this art installation, we highlight through student created mini-video poems, how digital media tools engage students in the creative process and help them express the meaning of their lives.

Carla Diana
Smart Design and School of Visual Arts, New York
Borrowing from the seductive formal qualities of today's slick consumer gadgets, the Uberobject installation features a reactive virtual object rendered as an oversized projection and exhibiting unexpected, responsive behaviors.


(In)box With Malcom
Evan Barba, Rebecca Rouse, Jay Bolter, Blair MacIntyre
Georgia Institute of Technology
(In)box with Malcom is an interactive augmented reality experience that takes place inside a shipping container.  The work explores the persona of Malcom McLean, inventor of the shipping container, and the effects of the container system itself.

Eric Rosenbaum
Glowdoodle is a medium for expressive inquiry, supporting both intuitive play and iterative experimentation. It's free software for painting with light, or with anything, and sharing your creations online.

Telematic Timelapse
Joshua Rosenstock
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Interactive installation comprising a suite of musical video compositions. Images harvested from public surveillance cameras; a synchronized musical score accompanies the micro-narratives. Time-lapse videos are presented alongside live webcam feeds.

Vehicle #3: Heliotropic Furniture - An Autonomous Installation
Matthew Hebert
San Diego State University
This installation is an exploration of furniture forms and their influence on people and their environment. Solar powered autonomous benches react to changes in their surroundings using their logic.

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