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ACM Creativity & Cognition 2009
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Keynote Speakers: Mihály Csíkszentmihályi & JoAnn Kuchera-Morin


Everyday Creativity: Shared Languages & Collective Action, October 27-30 2009 Berkeley Art Museum & UC Berkeley

Thank you to all the delegates at the conference who made it such a stimulating and diverse event (not to mention a sold out event!). Also, many thanks again to all the hard work put in by the Organising and Program committee who made the event possible. This year we had over 260 participants from 18 countries across the globe, and have some nice conference photos.

There is a brief mention of the conference in the New Scientist. Please do email me any other press about the conference.

Conference proceedings are available from the ACM Digital Library.

We are pleased to announce that ACM Creativity and Cognition 2011 will be held at Georgia Tech, USA in Nov 2011. To get involved with ACM Creativity and Cognition 2011 in any way, please visit the CC11 website.

The 7th Creativity and Cognition Conference (CC09) embraced the broad theme of Everyday Creativity. This year the conference was held at the Berkeley Art Museum (CA, USA), and asked: How do we enable everyone to enjoy their creative potential? How do our creative activities differ? What do they have in common? What languages can we use to talk to each other? How do shared languages support collective action? How can we incubate innovation? How do we enrich the creative experience? What encourages participation in everyday creativity?

We awarded a number of prizes at the conference which were kindly sponsored by Taylor and Francis Group, and the Creativity and Cognition Studios:
Best paper 
Cultivating and Commodifying Everyday Creativity in Postwar American Childhood
Amy Ogata
Best paper 
Children's Storytelling and Programming with Robotic Characters
Kimiko Ryokai, Michael Jongseon Lee, Jonathan Micah Breitbart
Best presentation 
A Cognitive Account of Collective Emergence in Design
Benjamin Shaw
Best poster 
Relationship between the Diversity of Information and Idea Generation
Sachiko Kiyokawa, Yuichi Washida, Kazuhiro Ueda, Eileen Peng
Best demonstration 
Manuela Jungmann
Most helpful student volunteer 
Brittany Smith
Best student paper 
Reflections on Craft: Probing the Creative Process of Everyday Knitters
Daniela Rosner
Most time taken out of their PhD for the conference 
Daniela Rosner
Best paper for promoting social creativity 
Geezers, Turbines, Fantasy Personas: Making the Everyday into the Future
Ann Light, Gini Simpson, Lois Weaver, Patrick G.T. Healey

Mihály Csíkszentmihályi Professor of Psychology & Management
Claremont Graduate University [California, USA]

JoAnn Kuchera-Morin Director, Allosphere Research Laboratory
Nanosystems Institute [California, USA]

Jane Prophet Professor of Interdisciplinary Computing
Goldsmiths University of London [London, UK]

The outline schedule is now available to view along with details of all accpeted submissions.

The Creativity and Cognition Conference series started in 1993 and is sponsored by ACM SIGCHI. The conference provides a forum for lively interdisciplinary debate exploring methods and tools to support creativity at the intersection of art and technology. This year submissions from academics and practitioners, makers and scientists, artists and theoreticians will be presented.

This year’s broad theme of Everyday Creativity reflects the new forms of creativity emerging in everyday life, and includes topics of:

* Collective creativity and creative communities
* Shared languages and participatory creativity
* Incubating creativity and supporting Innovation
* DIY and folk creativity
* Democratising creativity
* New materials for creativity
* Enriching the collaborative experience

Accepted submissions include the following forms of work:

* Empirical evaluations by quantitative and qualitative methods
* In-depth case studies and ethnographic analyses
* Reflective and theoretical accounts of individual and collaborative practice
* Principles of interaction design and requirements for creativity support tools
* Educational and training methods
* Interdisciplinary methods, and models of creativity and collaboration
* Analyses of the role of technology in supporting everyday creativity

Inspired by the theme of Everyday Creativity, asked people to post their old conference bag(s) so that they could be recycled into one-of-a-kind reusable conference bags. Each bag that was sent was hand crafted and sculpted by up-and-coming British designer Sarah Atkinson, commissioned by BigDog Interactive. Unlike many consumer products that we buy today, each bag came with its previous history attached.

For more details and mailing address, please see the CfB.

This year we accepted just 23% of the submitted papers after a thorough reviewing process. Submissions came from across the globe, from New Zealand to the UK, from France to Japan, and from Mexico to the USA.
Submissions are now closed.

All submissions were peer reviewed. Proceedings, published by ACM Press, were available at the conference and are available from the ACM Digital Library.

Previous conference proceedings are available from the ACM Digital Library.


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(2005, London, UK)

4th C&C Processes and Artefacts: Art, Technology and Science
(2002, Lougborough, UK)

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(1996, Loughborough, UK)

1st C&C An International Symposium
(1993, Loughborough, UK)

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