BCS-HCI 2013 Workshop

From Research to Design: Challenges of Qualitative Data Representation and Interpretation in HCI

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The following papers have been accepted for presentation:

  • Giving a voice to personas in the design of e-government identity processes - Chris Porter, M. Angela Sasse, Emmanuel Letier (University College London )

  • From Grounded Theory to Design Practice - Stephann Makri (City University London)

  • Exploring Contextual Factors: Tangible Tabletop Systems for Classroom Education - Jillian L. Warren, Alissa N. Antle, Ron Wakkary (Simon Fraser University)

  • Situated Action as a Theoretical Lens: A Contextual Analysis of a Collaborative Tabletop Activity - Min Fan, Alissa N. Antle (Simon Fraser University)

  • Qualitative Analysis Contributions to the Improvement of Port Terminal Efficiency - James Brucato (Palermo Euro Terminal (PET)

  • Thematic Analysis in Participatory Design Research - Pollie Barden, Paul Curzon, Peter McOwan (Queen Mary University of London)

  • Developing Design Patterns For Cross-modal Collaborative Tools - Oussama Metatla, Nick Bryan-Kinns, Tony Stockman, Fiore Martin (Queen Mary University of London)

  • Thematic Analysis in HCI for Families - Nela Brown, Tony Stockman (Queen Mary University of London)