Matthew Huntbach's links for new Java programmers

This is a page of links originally intended for students on the course Introduction to Programming in the Department of Computer Science at Queen Mary, University of London, UK. This course introduced programming in an object-oriented style using the Java language. It was the core course for first year students in the department.

I am no longer teaching that course, but I have made this page available as a public resource for anyone who is interested. A particularly strong feature of the page is links to course notes for other university courses with a similar aim. There are now links to over 100 course websites for introductory programming courses which use Java, each with accompanying slides or notes.

The author of this site is Matthew Huntbach, who is a lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London.

The full page of links can be found here.

I have a page of links on algorithms and data structures in Java here. This is put together to go with the course I am currently teaching.

I am also my department's admissions tutor, and have out together a few links on admissions to our degree programme here These links would be of use to anyone considering admission to a Computer Science degree in the UK.