Faith and Hope Designs

We are a husband and wife team who have recently started a business designing and producing bespoke:

We also have a small selection of birthday cards and Christmas cards which can be purchased online. We hope in time to be able to expand the range of products which are available for online purchase.

Our cards and designs reflect the Catholic tradition in Christianity. Our style is quiet and prayerful, using traditional imagery, peaceful photographs and quotes from scripture and religious writers. We aim to produce cards and designs which are more spiritual than those available from high street suppliers, but avoid a pushy "evangelical" style. We aim also to fill a gap midway between traditional Catholic products, which can be over-sentimental, and attempts to be "modern" which can be too brutal. We hope to provide something which would encourage fellow worshippers, but which also would be received with pleasure by friends and acquaintances outside religious circles.

For more details of our services please contact us on, or see our main website:

Esther and Matthew Huntbach