Links page for Advanced Program Design in Java

This page will be used to collect further links for the module Advanced Program Design (local link here) taught by Matthew Huntbach at Queen Mary, University of London.

See also my general page of links on Java and programming in general, Useful and interesting links for new Java programmers

University Courses Web Sites

These are links to web sites for courses in other universities across the world which seem to have similar aims to our Advanced Program Design, and which have worthwhile notes and other material available through the site.

Book sites

These are links to web sites for books relevant to this course. In some cases the whole book is available on-line, in others it's just the standard publisher's/author's site for a book you would have to buy.

Programming blogs and personal sites

There are a large number of programming blogs, or sites which are essentially one person's musings on programming. I will put here links to those which are particularly influential, or that I have found useful or interesting. In some cases the blog forms part of a more comprehensive site such as the blogger's company site, so I have indicated where that is the case. In other cases, the blog also has its own name, whcih I have given.

Other links

Any other interesting or relevant links get put here, not in any particular order. Personal web pages/blogs are now separated out and put above.

Matthew Huntbach
Last modified: 10 December 2013