DCS326 Artificial Intelligence 2009 (MMH)

Notes and Links from Matthew Huntbach

These are additional notes for the module DCS326 Artificial Intelligence in 2008/9. The main course page for this module this year can be found here.

I will use this page to put any additional notes and links which could usefully supplement the material I've covered for this module. I have been asked to cover some of the module at short notice, so the style and content of my lectures and material will reflect this. My intention is to make the aspects I cover self-contained, so that the lecturer who has main responsibility for it this year can carry on with his own plans for it when he is restored to full health. Many thanks for your patience with this situation.

Textbook Page

Textbook Slides

Slides from the Russel and Norvig text book page.


Animations of some of the search algorithms covered.

Wumpus World

The Wumpus world is a simple example of an agent trying to maximise performance in an unknown environment, Russell and Norvig make extensive use of it as an example to show the use of logic for representation and reasoning.

AI Module Sites from other universities

Russell and Norvig's textbook is so extensively used that a search engine query on many AI topics will deliver many pages which are from university AI modules which use it. Those below are just some examples.

Matthew Huntbach
Last modified: 28 January 2009