Matthew Huntbach

School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
Queen Mary, University of London
Mile End Road
London E1 4NS




Current interest centres around general purpose abstract concurrent programming languages. This means programming language designed for general purpose use, which are based in the idea that computation should be naturally concurrent (several things happening at once rather than everything happening in sequence), and which are based on some underlying formal and simple model of computation. General idea - it is a matter of surprise that to many people "concurrent programming" still means the old-fashioned technology of threads and synchronisation mechanisms for accessing shared mutable variables. The question of what could succeed this still seem to be wide open, however.

A summary of this work can be found on CPA 2011 slides.

Past interests include logic programming, multi-agent systems, algorithmic debugging, artifical life and artificial intelligence.



Current courses

Details of these are on intranet only Assisting with:


Some suggestions for projects I am willing to supervise, either for final year BSc or for MSc can be found here.

Old courses

Listed below, courses I've taught in the past where there's significant notes I can make public. Disclaimer - the approach I took when I wrote these notes might not be the one I would take now, so take them as they come.

Links pages

Pages of links gathered while preparing course material, and kept as additional "worldwide information". Disclaimer - I add to these and maintain them as and when I can find time. The first in particular, I tried for a long time to keep comprehensive and relevant, but have had to give up on it, so it's getting out of date.

Other teaching material


How is "Huntbach" pronounced?

This often seems to cause confusion, but the simple answer is that it's an English name and is pronounced exactly as spelt in English: the "ch" is soft as in "church", "sandwich" and other English words. The surname originates in Staffordshire where it has been in use for as long as surnames have existed. So it is not a German name, and should not be pronounced as if it were.

Although most Huntbaches still come from the West Midlands, I come from a small branch of the family which moved to the south coast, and was brought up in Portslade near Brighton.

Other Interests

One of these days I might put together a few more links to things of personal interest to me. The links below cover just a little of what I have done and do outside my professional work.

From 1994 to 2006 I was a councillor for Downham ward (Liberal Democrat) London Borough of Lewisham, I did not stand in the 2006 elections after I moved to another borough, it was also hard to maintain this work while remaining in full employment as an academic. I remain a member of the party, albeit critical of its recent direction.