Call for Proposals to host ICA 2009

[Update: ICA2009 will be in Paraty, Brazil, 15-18 March, 2009]

Dear ICAers,

After a great ICA meeting in London last year, we are looking forward to the next international conference on ICA and Signal Separation. In line with our 18-month periodicity, this should take place around early 2009.

We (the international ICA Steering Committee) encourage you (research groups in ICA and BSS worldwide) to consider organizing the next international ICA meeting.

If you feel up to the challenge, please send an outline proposal (as an expression of interest) to me, by ** 24 March 2008 **.

Full proposals will be due by 18 April 2008, for detailed consideration by the ICA Steering Committee. The result will be decided by 28 April 2008.

Further information, recommendations and suggestions are below. In the meantime, if you are interested in organizing the next "ICA 200X" conference and have any other queries, please let me know.

Good luck!

Mark Plumbley
on behalf of the ICA Steering Commitee



Mon 24 March 2008: Deadline for outline proposals
Fri 18 April 2008: Deadline for full proposals
Mon 28 April 2008: Result announced


The outline proposal should be an "expression of interest", giving information about the possible venue, dates, organizers, costs, etc., and a short description of any particular special features of the venue or proposal.

Any additional information (estimated costs for registration and accommodation, travel arrangements, any relation to other conferences, etc.) will help the Steering Committee to give feedback to the proposers before the full proposal stage.

Deadline (outline proposal): 24 March 2008


The full proposal should include more details on the arrangements, venue, costs, organizers, etc. to enable the ICA Steering Committee to determine the merits of the proposal.

Assessment Criteria

- Arrangements: The venue should offer a "workshop atmosphere", which has been so important for success of previous ICA conferences.

- Cost: The registration and accommodation costs should be affordable, particularly for students.

- Proceedings: How will future availability of the proceedings be ensured?

- Region: Proposals to host the conference in a region where the ICA workshop has not previously been held, will be favourably considered.

- Other: If relevant, easy connection with a related scientific meeting may be an advantage (e.g. back-to-back with another major conference).

Other Recommendations

- The scientific committee should be composed of internationally recognized researchers.

- The paper selection process should be conducted via an on-line system to ensure its openness.

- The process for selection of keynote speakers should involve the ICA steering committe.

Further information

- The proposal used by the London ICA 2007 team can be found at (use of this format is not mandatory!).

Deadline (full proposal): 18 April 2008