PhD Students

Current Students

Xiangyu He
Funding: China CSC Studentship (co-supervisor: Dr. Yue Chen)
Topic: Heterogeneous Cloud Radio Access Networks


Yuanwei Liu (currently Research Fellow at King's College London)
PhD Thesis - Nonorthogonal multiple acess for 5G: Design and performance enhancement
Completion Date - August 2016

Yansha Deng (currently Research Fellow at King's College London)
PhD Thesis - Joint Spatial and Spectrum Cooperation in Wireless Networks
Completion Date - May 2015

Lifeng Wang (currently Research Fellow at University College London)
PhD Thesis - Physical Layer Security in Wireless Networks: Design and Enhancement
Completion Date - May 2015

Phee Lep Yeoh (currently DECRA Research Fellow at University of Melbourne)
PhD Thesis - Cooperative Diversity in Distributed Relay Networks: Principles, Protocols, and Architectures
Completion Date - December 2011

Leija Wu (currently Research Fellow at University Technology Sydney)
PhD Thesis - Radio Access Technology: Selection Algorithms for Common Radio Resource Management
Completion Date - June 2011

Nan Yang (currently Future Engineering Research Leadership Fellow (Lecturer) at Australian National University)
PhD Thesis - Wireless Cooperative Networks in Fading Channels: Transmission Strategies and Performance Analysis
Completion Date - January 2011