DSTL PhD Studentship. September 2012-2017. Principle Investigator. (£137k).


Current Projects

EPSRC ImpactQM KTA: Validation of Location Estimation, 2012 - 2013. Principal Investigator (£76k).

TRIDEC EU FP7, 2011-2013. Named Researcher.

EPSRC BTG Grant: Personalised Reseach Dashboard, 2008 – 2009. Principal Investigator. (£10k)

EPSRC DTA/DCTA Studentship (with BT). 2009-2011. (75k)

Royal Society Joint project on virus prevention and detection in P2P networks with the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). 2007-2009. Technical Lead/Named Researcher.

Drapers award for Teaching and Learning. 2010/11. (3k)

QMUL Small Grants for Educational Development: Mobile-based Lecture Feedback Tool. 2008. (3k)

QMUL Small Grants for Educational Development: Research Resource Recommendation Tool.  2008. (3k)

IST SHUFFLE project. 2000-2001. RA.

Past Projects/Awards

PhD Students (Primary Advisor):

Daniel Gabana Arellano. PhD Candidate: Social Affective Gaming. Media and Arts Technology Funded.

Muhammad Irfan. PhD Candidate: Anomaly detection in crowded scenes using multisensory information. JD-ICE

Vivek Warriar. PhD Candidate: TBD: Content curation in Augmented Reality. Media and Arts Technology Funded.

PhD Students(Secondary Advisor):

Hayat Alfagham. PhD Candidate. The Link Prediction Problem: A Mixed Approach.

Zixiang Ma. PhD Candidate. A Smartphone Based Hybrid Approach for Indoor Location Based Services. CSC Funded.

Liang Men. PhD Candidate. Collaborative Creative Music Making in Immersive Virtual Reality. Media and Arts Technology Funded.

Cristiana Pacheco. PhD Candidate. Believable Characters in Video Game AI. EPSRC (IGGI) Funded.

Current Students/Staff

Past PhD Students

Kleomenis Katevas. PhD Candidate: Analysing Crowd Behaviours though Mobile Sensing. DSTL funded. 2018.

Davy Smith. PhD: Rapid and Thorough Exploration of Low Dimensional Phenotypic Landscapes. Media and Arts technology funded. 2017.

Xinyue Wang. PhD: Event Identification and Situation Awareness through Analysis of Microblogs. CSC funded. Co-supervised by Stefan Poslad. 2015.

Maryam Fatemi. PhD. Extracting Information from Unstructured Resources to Construct Social Relational Based User Profiles. Funded by EPSRC DTA with BT and College DTA. Co-supervised by Simon Thompson (BT). 2015.

Dr Muhammad Adeel.  PhD: Adaptive Mobile P2P Malware Detection using Social Interaction Based Digital Footprints. 2013.

Kashif Sardar Khan. MPhil: Social Relationship based Routing for Delay Tolerant Bluetooth-enabled PSN communications. 2012

Past PhD Students (Secondary supervisor)

Antonella Mazzoni. PhD Candidate. Feel the sound: helping the hearing impaired experience music in a movie. Media and Arts Technology Funded. 2018,

Past MSc Students

Haojing Dao (MAT internship with Hide and Seek). Development and evaluation of a new generation arcade game using Microsoft Kinect sensor . 2013.

Ruijie Dong (MSc by Research). Digging Friendship: Paper Recommendation in Social Networks.2008.

Zhan Bo (MSc by Research): Defence against Worms in Unstructured P2P Networks. 2007.

Past RAs

Toby Harris. RA on EPSRC ImpactQM KTA: Validation of Location Estimation. Aug/Sept 2012 and Feb/March 2013

Kejiong Li. PhD studentship on EPSRC ImpactQM KTA: Validation of Location Estimation. Sept 2012 - April 2013

Nazrul Amin. Research Assistant on Mobile-based Lecture Feedback Tool. 2009-10.

Ruijie Dong. Research Assistant on Research Resource Recommendation Tool. 2009.

Sethuran Selavaratnam. Research Assistant on Personalised Research Dashboard, 2008 – 2009.

Note: Only MSc by research students and MAT Internship projects have been included here. I have supervised over 20 MSc project and 70 undergraduate project. Some examples from the last few years.

Past Students/Staff