DSTL PhD Studentship. September 2012-2017. Principle Investigator. (£137k).


Current Projects

EPSRC ImpactQM KTA: Validation of Location Estimation, 2012 - 2013. Principal Investigator (£76k).

TRIDEC EU FP7, 2011-2013. Named Researcher.

EPSRC BTG Grant: Personalised Reseach Dashboard, 2008 – 2009. Principal Investigator. (£10k)

EPSRC DTA/DCTA Studentship (with BT). 2009-2011. (75k)

Royal Society Joint project on virus prevention and detection in P2P networks with the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). 2007-2009. Technical Lead/Named Researcher.

Drapers award for Teaching and Learning. 2010/11. (3k)

QMUL Small Grants for Educational Development: Mobile-based Lecture Feedback Tool. 2008. (3k)

QMUL Small Grants for Educational Development: Research Resource Recommendation Tool.  2008. (3k)

IST SHUFFLE project. 2000-2001. RA.

Past Projects/Awards

PhD Students (Primary Advisor):

Kleomenis Katevas. PhD Candidate: Analysing crowd behaviours though arrays of ad-hoc mobile sensors. DSTL funded.

Daniel Gabana Arellano. PhD Candidate: Social Affective Gaming. Media and Arts Technology Funded.

Muhammad Irfan. PhD Candidate: Anomaly detection in crowded scenes using multisensory information. JD-ICE

Vivek Warriar. PhD Candidate: TBD: Content curation in Augmented Reality. Media and Arts Technology Funded.

PhD Students(Secondary Advisor0:

Antonella Mazzoni. PhD Candidate. Feel the sound: helping the hearing impaired experience music in a movie. Media and Arts Technology Funded.

Hayat Alfagham. PhD Candidate. The Link Prediction Problem: A Mixed Approach.

Zixiang Ma. PhD Candidate. A Smartphone Based Hybrid Approach for Indoor Location Based Services. CSC Funded.

Liang Men. PhD Candidate. Collaborative Creative Music Making in Immersive Virtual Reality. Media and Arts Technology Funded.

Current Students/Staff

Past PhD Students

Davy Smith. PhD: Rapid and Thorough Exploration of Low Dimensional Phenotypic Landscapes. Media and Arts technology funded. 2017.

Xinyue Wang. PhD: Event Identification and Situation Awareness through Analysis of Microblogs. CSC funded. Co-supervised by Stefan Poslad. 2015.

Maryam Fatemi. PhD. Extracting Information from Unstructured Resources to Construct Social Relational Based User Profiles. Funded by EPSRC DTA with BT and College DTA. Co-supervised by Simon Thompson (BT). 2015.

Dr Muhammad Adeel.  PhD: Adaptive Mobile P2P Malware Detection using Social Interaction Based Digital Footprints. 2013.

Kashif Sardar Khan. MPhil: Social Relationship based Routing for Delay Tolerant Bluetooth-enabled PSN communications. 2012

Past MSc Students

Haojing Dao (MAT internship with Hide and Seek). Development and evaluation of a new generation arcade game using Microsoft Kinect sensor . 2013.

Ruijie Dong (MSc by Research). Digging Friendship: Paper Recommendation in Social Networks.2008.

Zhan Bo (MSc by Research): Defence against Worms in Unstructured P2P Networks. 2007.

Past RAs

Toby Harris. RA on EPSRC ImpactQM KTA: Validation of Location Estimation. Aug/Sept 2012 and Feb/March 2013

Kejiong Li. PhD studentship on EPSRC ImpactQM KTA: Validation of Location Estimation. Sept 2012 - April 2013

Nazrul Amin. Research Assistant on Mobile-based Lecture Feedback Tool. 2009-10.

Ruijie Dong. Research Assistant on Research Resource Recommendation Tool. 2009.

Sethuran Selavaratnam. Research Assistant on Personalised Research Dashboard, 2008 – 2009.

Note: Only MSc by research students and MAT Internship projects have been included here. I have supervised over 20 MSc project and 70 undergraduate project. Some examples from the last few years.

Past Students/Staff