Previous Project Students & Titles


Undergraduate Projects

Pariminder Singh Chahal. Domain identification using Twitter-trained classification models. 2017.

Ali Kerbane. Measuring bias in Machine Learning Algorithms. 2017

Ruiqui Li. Navigation Robot based on Arduino. 2017

Ian Noziglia. Error Reduction Algorithms applied to Indoor-location. 2017.

Yasmin Sahraoui. Educational Augmented Reality Gaming Application. 2017

Hamza Zain Ul Hassan. Humour-based Chatbot. 2017.

Govind Cacciatore. Body Builder Application for IOS. 2017.

Rayhaan Bashir. Instagram API forecast. 2017.

Abdul Wahid. Towards Measuring Crowd Density using Mobile Sensing Technology. 2016

Peiquing Song. Capture The Beacon. 2016.

Federico Di Veroli. Assassin 101 - Development of a iOS Game. 2016

Saad Esmail. Design and Development of a Wrist-worn 'Bite-o-meter'. 2016.

Syed Naqvi. Group Detection using Bluetooth Smart technology and Data analysis. 2016

Mohammad Aabith. Twheeler-The Twitter Powered Arduino Robot. 2015.

Edward Adu. Virtual Pet T-shirt. 2015.

Lyudmil Atanasov. Remote controlled Connect Four game.  2015.

Ningxin Cui. Event Characterisation of Olympic Twitter Data using K-means and K-SC means. 2013.

Chenchen Gao. Event Characteristics of Olympic Twitter Data using K Nearest Neighbours. 2013.

Harsh Gor. IOS game using accelerometer and touch screen. 2013.

Danniella Lazzam. Research and design into teaching students programming using tools at KS3 level. 2013.

Yun Liu. Event detection of Olympic events in Twitter using peak detection. 2013.

Meng Zhang. Olympic Tweets Classification. 2013.

Xin Zhang. Analysis of adaptive crawling of Twitter data. 2013.

Xuefeng Zhang. Event Detection of Olympic Twitter data using Clustering of Wavelet Signals. 2013.

Wanqi Chang. Link Prediction based on Semantic Similarity. 2012.

Farrell Healion. Visualisation of Tweets over Time. 2012.

Meng Huang. Measuring and tracking influence in social networks. 2012.

Katarzyna Koryzma. Scavenger Hunt - a multiplayer game. 2012.

Vinoth Kulaveerasingam. Smartphone application which uses its accelerometer to control the cursor of a computer via Wi-Fi. 2012.

Fergus Strange. Rightmove Commuter Search. 2012.

Yang Xu. Find similarity using tag cloud. 2012.

Jinfu Zhang. Detecting characteristics of musical performances and their audiences by Twitter. 2012.

Shuo Zhou. Link Prediction In Social Network. 2012.

MSc Projects

Vivek Warriar. Content driven Virtual Overlays. (Industrial Internship - BBC). 2017

Joseph Darby. Can alcohol consumption and its acute effects be detected from smartphone sensor data? 2017.

Victor Solis Kuh. Identifying correlations between state moods and sensing mobile data. 2017.

Measuring bias in Machine Learning Algorithms. 2017.

Christine Lee Ramos. The Assassin Game: Mobile Implementation using Gestures, Sensors and Bluetooth Low Energy. 2016.

TingTing Zheng. Investigation of Travel Patterns of Weibo Users in Beijing City. 2016.

Honglu Shi. Gesture-based photo browser using Leap Motion. (Industrial Internship - London College of Fashion). 2015.

Ming-Jiun Huang. Capture the Flag (Mobile Sensing game). 2015.

William Moran. Twitter, Disaster Events and Machine Learning: Clustering Twitter Data from the 2012 New York City Flood. 2013.

Joe Stone. The use of Educational Game Design to Create a Companion Game for the ‘Kermode and Mayo Film Review’ (Industrial Placement - Somethin’ Else). 2013.

Lisa Tagliaferri. The Kitchen Cabinet: Research and Design Prototype for an Educational Game. (Industrial Placement - Somethin’ Else). 2013.

Jonathan Kushner.  Visualisation of Participatory Sensing at Music Festivals. 2013.

Oluwafunsho Ayatian. Social network analysis of twitter in a disaster event. 2012.

Alex Lau. Event Detection of Olympic Events in Twitter. 2012.