Laurissa Tokarchuk



Laurissa Tokarchuk

Senior Lecturer

Member of: Game AI, Cognitive Science and The Centre for Intelligent Sensing (CIS)

School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Mile End Road, E1 4NS.

Email: laurissa dot tokarchuk at

Research Interests

Mobile Sensing, Social Computing, Social Sensing, Mobile Gaming, Recommendation an d Game AI.

Examples and things I have been up to: Stuff.jar


Interested Students:

Please take a look at the topics of my current research students and examples of things I have been up to: Stuff.jar. I welcome any proposals related to my research from prospective students and am happy to discuss potential funding opportunities. Please feel free to book an appointment to see me or chat over skype:


* September 2018: Preprint of our latest work available : Finding Dory in the Crowd: Detecting Social Interactions using Multi-Modal Mobile Sensing

* July 2018: Kleomenis Katevas has successfully defended his thesis “Analysing Crowd Behaviours using Mobile Sensing”.

  1. *Nov 2017: Our paper, Piecing together the puzzle: Improving event content coverage for real-time sub-event detection using adaptive microblog crawling. PLOS ONE

  2. *Oct 2017:  Our paper titled Effects of Valence and Arousal on Working Memory Performance in Virtual Reality Gaming has been presented at ACII 2017 -Int'l Conf. on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction.

  3. *May 2017: Davy Smith successfully defended his thesis today (9 May 17).

  4. *May2017: SensingKit v0.5.0 is now out.