Kohei Honda succumbed to his recent illness and passed away on Monday 3rd December 2012.

Kohei's loss is a sad one for the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. His work on Distributed Systems and the Ocean Observatories Project is something of which we were very proud.

We will all remember his enthusiasm for the subject.

There will be more information regarding his funeral and memorial available at http://www.eecs.qmul.ac.uk/KHmemorial/

Kohei Honda

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last update: February 11, 2011.

latest DBLP entry is here.

Recent news.

- new! April 15 2012: I am attending Milner Symosium. It was in Paphos, Cyprus, March 2010, that I learned of his abrupt death.

- February 11 2011: Having a great time in Bhubaneswar (KIIT/KISS), India. Has given a talk on Scribble, here is the paper: [pdf] .

- (I admit no update has taken place for two years, anyway I add one recent news above)

- January 12 2009: Decided to update this homepage --- very soon.

- January 12 2009: Completing a long-due review of a long paper on pi-calculus.

- December 2008: A prototype "architecture" for session types completed by Ray.

- October 2008: A paper about "principal" session types with Dimitris and Nobuko (to appear in ESOP).

- July 2008. I was Reykjavik: and found people in Iceland eat just ordinary but delicious fishballs.

- June 2008. Here are some recent works, in case you are interested... - June 2008. I was in Oslo and drank a glass of delicious water.

- February 2007, I was in Paris and ate a heavenly tarte cake by Varia.

- July 2006. I was in Bertinoro. Before then, I was in Venice (giving two talks) and
  then in a small village in Germany (giving one talk). I thought apples in Germany
  were very very good, but later I found they were imported from Chile.

- March 2006, I visited Glasgow, had a very good discussion, and ate a marvelous
  Peacan pie there.

- August 2005: Two modest works, one on sequential computation and another on concurrent
  one, are coming soon.

- June 2005, I visited Harvard, gave a talk, and had a very good discussion (and
  a chinese dish) there.

- April 2005, I have completed two papers on logic for imperative higher-order functions,
  done with Martin Berger and Nobuko Yoshida, one showing a precise tie between
  programs' behaviour and our program logic and another  presenting a simple and 
  general way to treat aliasing. These works, together with other works on logics for
  general software behaviour, are posted here

  The purpose of our work on logics is to obtain deeper understanding of structures of software,
  thus offering an effective basis of better engineering of software.  

Not-so-recent events.

-Sept, 2004 I have been to New York to give a talk and had a great sushi there.

-June, 2004 I have been to Edinburgh to give a talk (and had a good fish meal).
-Sept, 2002 I have been to Pisa to give a talk (and  eat Pizza and other delicious things, naturally...).

Research Interests.

- Basic theories of processes and its applications.
- Pi-calculus.
- More generally,  science of computing and information from the
  viewpoint of interaction.

For more details, see here .

Recent Papers

--  Nonintertference Proofs through Flow Analysis, with Nobuko Yoshida. 45pp. The updated
    version of an earlier short manuscript. The role of polarities in flow analysis is clarified.
    September 23, 2003 [ps-file] and [pdf-file]

-- Strong Normalisability in the Pi-calculus (an updated full version) Information and Computation,
        with Martin Berger and Nobuko Yoshida. 55pp.  August, 2003 [ps-file] and [pdf-file]

--  Genericity and the Pi-Calculus (short version)
       with Martin Berger and Nobuko Yoshida, 16pp. January 17.
       FOSSACS'03.  [ps-file] and [pdf-file]

--  Genericity and the Pi-Calculus (full version)
      with Martin Berger and Nobuko Yoshida, 66pp.  November 15, 2002 [ps-file] and [pdf-file]

--  Uniform Type Structure for Secure Information Flow (full version)
      with Nobuko Yoshida, 72pp.  August 2002 [ps-file] and [pdf-file]


(1) On the representation of basic classes of computation using the pi-calculus.
      We have been accumulating basic results as well as applications. We are
      planning to start new research projects in this context very soon. This field
      of research has almost infinite possibility, and if you are interested and able,
      you deserve to do some of its most interesting parts.  If you are interested
      please write to me or to Martin   or to  Nobuko!

(2) Extending the Pi-calculus so that it can represent fundamental elements of distributed
       computing. This is a bit tough, since we should identify a nice new primitive. So far
       we (Martin) identified one: a timer.

(3) General Semantic theories underlying (1) and (2). Somehow nobody is doing this kind,
       except Milner and his group are working on action structures and bigraphs, which are closely
       related. These are hugely useful when doing a basic study on processes.

(4) Game semantics. This has become a forerunner for the work in (1).  If you like the category
       and the pi-calculus (which is rare), you would like it. To process theorists: well, categories
       are not so bad. First as a mental gymnastics. Second as a way of organising semantic universes.

(5)  The asynchronous version of the Pi-calculus. This gives a basic form of name passing interaction,
        and is the basis of the work listed in (1). The formalism was also discovered independently by

(6)  Session types.  Decomposing interaction structure into asynchronous name passing gives you a new way to
       abstract communication behaviours.

(7) Study of basic typing systems for the pi-calculus. These work prepared the way towards my
       study listed in (1).