Jesús Requena Carrión

Deputy Director of the Joint Innovation Centre
Queen Mary University of London & the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Centre for Intelligent Sensing
School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
Queen Mary University of London


2019 Winter Hack: Computer Vision for Drone Applications

Feb 19

The Design & Build Winter Hack brings together students from our London programmes and from our Joint Programme with the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), in an exciting event that emphasises creativity, technology and collaboration.

This year's theme is Computer Vision for Drone Applications. Curious about AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Deep Learning? Join us from 18th to 22nd February 2019 and participate in creating real-world apps that use drone data.

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Yonsei University and QMUL Workshop on Audio and Visual Learning

Jan 19

Our Centre for Intelligent Sensing at QMUL is hosting together with Yonsei University a workshop on Audio and Visual Learning for Multimedia Perception and Production. I will be presenting our work on cardiac arrhythmias diagnosis based on reinforcement learning, signal processing and computer simulation.

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PhyAAt: A new dataset for investigating human attention

Jan 19

The dataset contains a collection of physiological signals (EEG, GSR, PPG) recorded during a series of experiments focusing on human auditory attention in scenarios involving natural speech. Python scripts are provided for preprocessing, visualizing, removing artifacts, predictive modelling, deep learning and feature engineering. Excellent work Nikesh!

Check and play with our dataset

Selected contributions

Mathematical modelling, Healthcare techonlogies

The heart and the quasar

Sep 17

Little we knew that our investigation of the mathematical nature of cardiac spectrum would take us far into deep space. In this study, we describe measurement distortions in the cardiac spectrum and incidentally rediscover Wolf Shift for electromagnetic radiation. The little appendix at the end neatly summarises our spectral "shift".

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Mathematical modelling, Healthcare techonlogies

Randomness in neuronal interspike intervals

Apr 16

What is the cause of randomness in neuronal interspike intervals? Do neurons use interspike intervals to encode information? Most studies use neuronal models to simulate distributions of interspike intervals, but haven't succesfully led to analytical expressions. We have used one of our excitable models to derive a family of exact distributions for interspike intervals and show that they can be approximated by a Rayhleigh distribution with an exponential tail. Just like many experimental observations!

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Mathematical modelling, Statistical learning, Cloud platforms & IoT and more

Other contributions

Apr 18

In my Google Scholar page you can find a comprehensive list of publications.