Hamed Haddadi @ EECS, QMUL     QMUL

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Digital Media

School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS, UK

Visiting member, CISG Group, University College London

email : hamed.haddadi@qmul.ac.uk (or hh318@cl.cam.ac.uk)
Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 3436
Availability: Google Calendar
Research blog: NetSocioNomics
twitter: @realhamed
Biography: here!
Code: GitHub
Research Interests: Networked Systems, Social Computing, Personal Data, Privacy, IoT

I am often looking for talented PhD students and hosting research fellows/visitors/interns interested in the above areas. If you are considering doing a PhD in London or looking for hosting of your fellowship, drop me a line! If you are a corporation looking for collaboration on research in these areas, also drop me a line. We often have potential opportunities for joint/sponsored PhD studentships or grants.


    Upcoming Events (Program/Organising Committee):

  • ACM SIGCOMM 2017

  • 26th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2017 , User Modeling, Personalization, and Experience track)

  • The 8th Annual Workshop on Simplifying Complex Networks for Practitioners (SIMPLEX 2016)

  • 8th EAI International Conference on Mobile Computing, Applications and Services (MobiCASE 2016)

  • ACM SIGCOMM 2016

  • 12th ACM SIGCOMM Asian Internet Engineering Conference (AINTEC 2016)

  • 1st ACM MobiSys International Workshop on Mobile Data (MOBIDATA 2016)

  • 3rd ACM MobiSys International Workshop on Physical Analytics (WPA 2016)

  • 2nd Annual International Conference on Computational Social Science (ICCSS 2016)

  • The 10th International AAAI conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM 2016)

  • 25th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2016 , mobility track)

  • 6th ACM International Digital Health conference (DH 2016 , Social Computing for Health Track co-Chair)

  • IEEE International Conference on Communications 2016 (ICC 2016, Social Networking track)

  • The 36th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS 2016)

  • The 9th ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM 2016)

  • The Alan Turing Institute Symposium on Responsible, Ethics-Aware Research & Innovation in Data Science (March 2016)

  • The 8th IFIP Traffic Monitoring and Analysis workshop (TMA 2016)

  • The 8th International Workshop on Hot Topics in Planet-­scale mObile computing and online Social neTworking (HotPOST’16)

  • IEEE 2nd Workshop on Legal and Technical Issues in Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things (CLaw 2016)

  • 5th IEEE Workshop on Smart Data Pricing (SDP2016 , with IEEE INFOCOM 2016)