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Multi-Modal Person Authentication

  1. Bigun, B. Duc, S. Fischer, A. Makarov and F. Smeraldi, Nato-Asi advanced study on face recognition, H. Wechsler et al. editors, pages 26-50, vol. F 163, Springer, 1998


This paper deals with the elements of a multi-modal person authentication system. Test procedures for evaluating machine experts as well as machine supervisors based on leave-one-out principle are discussed. Two independent machine experts on person authentication are presented along with their individual performances. These experts consisted of a face (Gabor features) and a speaker (LPC features) authentication algorithm trained on the M2VTS multi-media database. The expert opinions are combined yielding far better performances by using a trained supervisor based on Bayesian statistics rather than individual modalities aggregated by averaging.

Full paper (PostScript)

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