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GeoDiver Differential Gene Expression Analysis Gene-Set Analysis For GEO Datasets

  1. Moghul, S. Hewapathirana, N. Nawaz, A. Rashid, M. Priebe, B. Vieira, F. Smeraldi and C. Bessant



GeoDiver is an online web application for performing Differential Gene Expression Analysis (DGEA) and Generally Applicable Gene-set Enrichment Analysis (GAGE) on gene expression datasets from the publicly available Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO). The output produced includes numerous high quality interactive graphics, allowing users to easily explore and examine complex datasets instantly. Furthermore, the results produced can be reviewed at a later date and shared with collaborators.


‚ÄčGeoDiver is freely available online at http://www.geodiver.co.uk
‚ÄčThe source code is available on Github: https://github.com/GeoDiver/GeoDiver
and a docker image is available for easy installation.

Full text on BioRxiv

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