PhD Students

  • Changhong Wang (Second supervisor, Nov. 2017-). Topic: Automatic Classification of Chinese Bamboo Flute Playing Techniques
  • Adrien Ycart (Primary supervisor, Oct. 2016-). Topic: Music Language Models for Audio Analysis
  • Peter Harrison (Second supervisor, Oct. 2016-). Topic: Statistical Modelling of Polyphonic Music
  • Maria Panteli (Second supervisor, Oct. 2015-). Topic: Signal Processing and Data Mining Tools for the Analysis of Musical Evolution

Research Assistants

  • Daniel Wolff (Sep. - Oct. 2015). Project: MIREX Music/Speech Classification and Detection Task
  • Siddharth Sigtia (Apr. - Jul. 2014). Project: A Deep Learning Framework for Automatic Music Transcription

Visiting Researchers