PhD Students (primary and joint supervisees)

  • Arjun Pankajakshan Topic: Development of a joint framework for sound event detection and context recognition
  • Carlos Lordelo (Primary joint supervisor). Topic: Instrument modelling to aid polyphonic transcription
  • Bhusan Chettri Topic: Security in voice biometric systems: design and analysis
  • Changhong Wang (Primary joint supervisor). Topic: Automatic Classification of Chinese Bamboo Flute Playing Techniques
  • Adrien Ycart Topic: Music Language Models for Audio Analysis

PhD Students (second supervisees)

Post-Doctoral Research Assistants

Research Assistants

Visiting Researchers

MSc Students

  • Inês Nolasco (2017/18) Topic: Audio-based recognition of beehive states
  • Lele Liu (2017/18) Topic: Automatic music accompaniment
  • Eurico Covas (2017/18) Topic: Optimal neural network feature selection for forecasting of spatial temporal series
  • Mike A. Taylor (2016/17, co-supervised with Dr Christopher Child) Topic: Bayesian Network Edge and Structure Learning Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Yifan Wu (2016/17) Topic: Combining visualisation approaches with audiovisual music performances