Current members

PhD Students (primary and joint supervisees)

  • Jinhua Liang Topic: AI for everyday sounds
  • Jiawen Huang Topic: Lyrics Alignment For Polyphonic Music
  • Inês Nolasco (co-supervised with Huy Phan and Dan Stowell). Topic: Automatic acoustic identification of individual animals in the wild
  • Shubhr Singh (co-supervised with Huy Phan and Dan Stowell). Topic: Novel mathematical methods for audio based deep learning
  • Ilaria Manco (co-supervised with George Fazekas). Topic: Multimodal deep learning for music information retrieval
  • Lele Liu Topic: Automatic music score transcription with deep neural networks
  • Arjun Pankajakshan Topic: Sound recognition via audio sequence modelling
  • Carlos Lordelo (co-supervised with Simon Dixon). Topic: Deep learning methods for musical instrument separation and recognition

PhD Students (second supervisees)

  • Andrew Edwards Topic: Computational models for jazz piano: transcription, analysis, and generative modeling
  • Xiaowan Yi Topic: Composition-aware music recommendation system for music production
  • Dimitrios Stoidis Topic: Protecting voice biometrics with disentangled representations of speech
  • Saurjya Sarkar Topic: Time-domain music source separation: developing novel tools for music production
  • Yukun Li Topic: Computational comparison between different genres of music in terms of the singing voice
  • Vinod Subramanian Topic: Note level audio features for understanding and visualising musical performance
  • Edward Hall Topic: Probabilistic Modelling of Thematic Development and Structural Coherence in Music
  • Alessandro Ragano (University College Dublin) Topic: Data-driven quality prediction for digitally restored audio archives
  • Rémi de Fleurian Topic: Predicting pleasurable moments in music

MSc by Research Students

  • Shahar Elisha Topic: Style classification of podcasts using audio

Alumni and past members

PhD Students (primary and joint supervisees)

PhD Students (second supervisees)

Post-Doctoral Research Assistants

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