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  Friday 4 May 2012  

EECS Undergraduate Applicant Newsletter

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your recent application to study with us. This newsletter is to update you on the latest news and information from the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. If you have a query about your application or offer, please contact our Undergraduate Admissions Team on

Best Wishes

The Teaching Services Team

Why Choose Queen Mary

  • Quality degree: all of our students graduate with a University of London degree, recognised internationally as a guarantee of quality
  • World-class reputation: we are consistently ranked in top 20 universities in the UK and in the top 130 in the world (THE World University Rankings 2011/12)
  • Leading research-intensive university: in the most recent Research Assessment Exercise, we were ranked 11th out of 132 universities in the UK (Guardian)
  • Teaching excellence: in the 2011 National Student Survey, which measures student satisfaction, we were ranked joint first among London’s large universities
  • Great location: enjoy all the benefits of a campus university, while being only fifteen minutes from central London by tube, and walking distance from the Olympic Park
  • Russell Group university: From August 2012 we will be a member of the Russell Group, which represents the leading universities in the UK, all committed to the best research and teaching

Queen Mary to Join Russell Groupq

From August 2012 we will be a member of the prestigious Russell Group which is made up of the UK's leading universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol and other University of London colleges such as UCL and King's College.

If you are asking yourself "How does this effect me?"

The Russell Group represents universities that are committed to the highest levels of academic excellence in both teaching and research and are internationally recognised for attracting the highest quality students from all over the world. To find out more visit

Talking to family, teachers and friends will help you assess the benefits of studying at a Russell Group university and the impact this can have on your educational experience and future career prospects.

Excellence Scholarships - Are you eligible?

eventWe are pleased to offer students who achieve AAA at A-level (or equivalent) an award of £ 3000 for each year of study. You do not have to apply separately for this scholarship as it will be awarded if you meet the criteria. Information on eligibility and qualification equivalents can be found here.

Don't forget to check out the revision tips below!

Open Studios 25th-27th May 2012 open_studio_invite

You're invited to the second annual qMedia Open Studios event, an interactive showcase of creative technology in conjunction with the Digital Shoreditch festival. We have an open house for a full weekend. Join us for exhibits, performances, installations and hands-on activities including

  • New musical instruments
  • 3D audio in our ambisonic studio
  • Interactive video and touch tables
  • Electronics hack days (Sat. & Sun. 12-6pm)

Watch our three minute film about qMedia, made at last year’s open studios -

Book your place for the free Friday night event online at:

If you have any questions regarding this event or would like to
discuss any special requirements, email
Please note that tickets will not be issued for this event.

No booking is required for Saturday and Sunday - Just come along!


EECS QApps develops new 'Fame Factors' smartphone app

The EECS QApps venture which transforms our latest research and expertise into smartphone technolgy has developed a new interactive app called 'Fame Factors'. The app uses mathematical formula to analyse your face and tell you which celebrity you most closely resemble. To read more see here.

To find out about other apps which were created and designed by QApps please visit the homepage.

Revision Tips

To help you achieve the best results you can, here are some useful revision tips collated from EECS students and graduates.

Make a revision Timetable - This is a good way to get a good idea of how much time you have available for revision. Take into consideration all other commitments you have to keep, You need to be realistic about your time not idealistic!

For those prone to procrastination when it comes to revising (and have all done it!), you might need to try different techniques to keep you motivated and focused.

You could try setting compulsory revision sessions, for example Saturday 2pm-6pm, with regular breaks scheduled in. Or set yourself rewards for meeting revision objectives (e.g. watching a film/going to see a friend, making a cup of tea - works for some).

Put up your timetable where other household members will see it, e.g. on the fridge. They will know when not to disturb you.

Get creative - You need to make the information in your books and notes 'sticky' that is it 'sticks' in your mind. Different techniques work for different people.

Know your learning style - Are you a:

  • Visual learner - who learns through seeing and like to use images and pictures
  • Aural learner - who learns through listening and likes to use sound and music
  • Kinaesthetic learner - who learns through moving, doing and touching

Use techniques that best suit your learning style.

Posters - Small or large, creating posters are a good way to capture a lot of information in a small snapshot. To go really large, you can buy wall lining paper (blank wallpaper that you can paint over) inexpensively. This will give you reams of paper to line your walls with. Being able to look at your wall and create larger than life size notes really helps some people. Others have created wall art from their revision notes.

Mind maps - When struggling to revise making mind maps might help.

Different coloured paper/ink - different colours can make your notes more memorable.

Using mnemonics - This is a great way to remember names or lists of things. For instance to remember the list of the planets in order from the sun you can try using this one:

"My Vet Eats Mouldy Jam Sandwiches Under News Paper"

My - Mercury, Vet - Venus, Eats - Earth, Mouldy - Mars, Jam - Jupiter, Sandwiches - Saturn, Under - Uranus, News - Neptune, Paper - Pluto

Revision Cards - Can be purchased from any good stationers (or cut them out yourself). Once you have copied up your notes, you can carry them everywhere.

Create slide show - take the revision cards one step further and create a slide show. You can use music to add impact or associate parts of a song with specific facts or formulas you need to remember.

If you have a smart phone you can transfer the files or take pictures of them and carry these slides everywhere.

Recording your notes on an audio device - Sometimes we can get reading overload and our eyes become tired, recording your notes to audio allows you to them play back. Some students also play their notes while they sleep.

Make a website - If you are into web design or just want to make a site without hosting this is a fun option. It will help you go over all the information whilst having a little fun. And at the end you actually host it.

Go for a walk with you notes - Take them with you when you walk the dog and learn a sentence off by heart. Every little helps!

Revising with your friends - If you're confident your friends won't distract you (and you wont distract them!) have regular revision sessions. This can be more fun than studying on your own all the time. You can help each other out on topics your unfamiliar with.

Revising with someone you don't know well - This is a useful technique as you won't know each other that well. The small chit chatter will be significantly reduced.

Tele revising - Use mobile phones to text questions to your friends, use forums such as, use instant messengers or carry out a conference call with all your friends.

Life as an Undergraduate

Your time as a student is sure to be life-changing - from your first experience of living away from home, to trying new things such as reporting for the student newspaper, eating Ethiopian and Vietnamese food or attempting a sky dive for charity.

Financial Support

Given the changes effecting English student fees and finance, we suggest you look at the following to get the most up to date information to clear up any queries or concerns you may have.

If you're applying as full-time student starting in September 2012, you need to apply now to make sure you get your money at the start of your course.

For UK home students government support packages will vary according to your normal place of residence. Further information and application deadlines can be found on the relevant website:

You will also find useful information at:

Money Saving Expert - Martin Lewis
Video - Myths of Student Finance Video (Martin Lewis@UCL)

What Our Students Say

Download a brochure of all Student Voices [pdf]


Walid Mohamed Hai
BEng Electronic Engineering walid_Hai_image

The learning environment in Electronic Engineering enables everyone to take responsibility for learning. The department goes a long
way to ensure that the basic knowledge and mathematical foundations are strong before teaching more complex concepts. I have learnt a lot to do with programming disciplines and electronic circuit designs along with an in-depth knowledge of telecommunications.

My course taught me all the basics and gave me a strong foundation of a good knowledge of electronics. This is essential in the industry that I am working in. I can apply what I learnt from university to the tasks that I am required to carry out on a daily basis. I’m working in the oil, petroleum and energy sector and my role involves working with hardware and PLCs designed by the company for leakage systems, power systems and integrated control and safety systems.

There are a lot of opportunities for students to get involved in the Department and employers are keen to hire graduates with this experience. The University also provides opportunity to get involved in extra curricular activities. My current
employers found my experience with the Student Union also helped my application to stand apart.

Getting my first job was not too difficult. I got my job one week after graduation! The key reason for this was achieving a 2.1 from a well-known institution. Several employers have admitted to being attracted to candidates that attend top institutions including QMUL and this edge helped in the graduate job market.


Daniel Jason Lizarraga

MEng Electronic Engineering

As clichéd as it sounds, I've always been interested in Electronics. When growing up most of my role models were close family members who were themselves engineers. Therefore choosing Electronic Engineering was always an easy decision for me.

I was drawn to Queen Mary not only because they have a great academic reputation and are one of the top London universities, but also because of the student vibe and atmosphere, which is very strong on campus. I love living in London and studying elsewhere was never really an option for me. Out of all the London universities, Queen Mary had the best campus atmosphere. Read more here




In this issue:

Undergraduate Applicant Newsletter

Why Choose Queen Mary

QM to Join Russell Group

Excellence Scholarships - Are you eligible?

Open Studios 25th-27th May 2012

EECS QApps develops new 'Fame Factors' smartphone app

Revision Tips

Life as an undergraduate

Financial Support

What Our Students Say

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