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Building upon RouteFlow: a SDN development experience


RouteFlow is a platform for providing virtual IP routing services in OpenFlow networks. During the first year of development, we came across some use cases that might be interesting pursuing in addition to a number of lessons learned worth sharing. In this paper, we will discuss identified requirements and architectural and implementation changes made to shape RouteFlow into a more robust solution for Software Defined networking (SDN). This paper addresses topics of interest to the SDN community, such as development issues involving layered applications on top of network controllers, ease of configuration, and network visualization. In addition, we will present the first publicly known use case with multiple, heterogeneous OpenFlow controllers to implement a centralized routing control function, demonstrating how IP routing as a service can be provided for different network domains under a single central control. Finally, performance comparisons and a real testbed were used as means of validating the implementation

In XXXI Simpósio Brasileiro de Redes de Computadores - SBRC’2013.