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Horse: towards an SDN traffic dynamics simulator for large scale networks


The Software Defined Networking (SDN) paradigm can be successfully applied to the inter-domain ecosystem to empower network fabrics with finer grained policies and traffic engineering capabilities. However, introducing SDN at the inter-domain level might also lead to misconfigurations with potential to negatively impact on the Internet. Simulators are a popular approach to verify network behaviour and test applications before going into production. In the case of SDN, the available options do not scale for large scale networks nor high traffic loads. In this paper we propose a new simulator to foster SDN research and improve our understanding on the impact of the new use cases over the traffic flow. A simulation tool capable of efficiently reproducing large scale networks, high traffic loads, and policies, by abstracting the interactions between switches and controllers of the SDN network.

In Proceedings of the 2016 SIGCOMM Conference, ACM.