Chris Russell

chrisr [at] eecs [dot] qmul [dot] ac [dot] uk

I'm a post doc in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Vision Group, working for Lourdes Agapito. Prior to this, I did my PhD with Philip Torr. My research focuses mainly on efficient inference and regression under uncertainty. In particular, I'm interested in applications in 3d reconstruction, segmentation, and machine learning.


:: Higher-Order Inference for Vision Problems

External Andrew Fitzgibbon
Internal Fabio Cuzzolin

Conference Publications

:: Dense Multibody Motion Estimation and Reconstruction from a Handheld Camera
 Anastasios Roussos, Chris Russell, Ravi Garg , Lourdes Agapito
  ISMAR 2012
  [PDF]   [web page]

:: Dense Non-rigid Structure from Motion
Chris Russell, Joao Fayad, Lourdes Agapito
  3DIMPTV 2012

:: In Defence of Negative Mining
 Parthipan Siva, Chris Russell, Tao Xiang
  ECCV 2012
  [PDF]   [Supplementary materials PDF]

:: Efficient Second Order Multi-Target Tracking with Exclusion Constraints
  Chris Russell(1), Francesco Setti(1), Lourdes Agapito
  (1) Joint first authorship.
  BMVC 2011

:: Automated Articulated Structure and 3D Shape Recovery from Point Correspondences
  Joao Fayad, Chris Russell, Lourdes Agapito
  ICCV 2011

:: Energy Based Multiple Model Fitting for Non-Rigid Structure from Motion
  Chris Russell, Joao Fayad, Lourdes Agapito
 CVPR 2011.
  [PDF] [CODE]

:: Exact and Approximate Inference in Associative Hierarchical Networks using Graph Cuts
  Chris Russell, Lubor Ladicky, Pushmeet Kohli, Philip Torr ,
  UAI 2010

BMVC Best Paper 2010

::Joint Optimisation for Object Class Segmentation and Dense Stereo Reconstruction
  Lubor Ladicky, Paul Sturgess, Chris Russell, Sunando Sengupta, Yalin Bastanlar , William Clocksin , Philip Torr

ECCV Best Paper 2010

:: Graph Cut based Inference with Co-occurrence Statistics
  Lubor Ladicky(1), Chris Russell(1), Pushmeet Kohli, Philip Torr
  (1) Joint first authorship

:: What, Where & How Many? Combining Object Detectors and CRFs
  Lubor Ladicky, Paul Sturgess, Karteek Alahari, Chris Russell, Philip Torr
  ECCV 2011

::Efficient Piecewise Learning for Conditional Random Fields
  Karteek Alahari , Chris Russell, Philip Torr
  CVPR 2010

:: Associative Hierarchical CRFs for Object Class Image Segmentation
  Lubor Ladicky, Chris Russell, Pushmeet Kohli, Philip Torr
  ICCV 2009

::Using the Pn Potts model with learning methods to segment live cell images
  Chris Russell, Christophe Restif , Dimitris N. Metaxas, Philip Torr

Contact me:

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Queen Mary, University of London
Mile End Road
E1 4NS