Memory Gap Database


For each subject one frontal face photo is selected, and four types of sketches are drawn:
Viewed: Sketches are drawn while the artist looks directly at the mugshot photos.
1 hour: Mugshot photos are viewed by the artist, and sketches are drawn one hour later. Thus, compared to viewed sketches, the sketch is ‘corrupted’ by one hour worth of memory transience.
24 hours: Mugshot photos are viewed by the artist, and drawn 24-hours later.
Unviewed: Sketches are drawn by an artist based on the description of an eyewitness who has seen the mugshot photo immediately before (but does not view it during the sketching). The artist does not see the photo. In this case, the memory gap is negligible, but it is the only condition in the database where the communication gap of imperfect communication between the eyewitness and artist exists.



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