Ann Light's publications, etc

Journals and Conferences

Cook, J. and Light, A. (forthcoming)

'New Patterns of Power and Participation? Designing ICT for Informal and Community Learning', presented at Ideas in Cyberspace Education 2 on Power, Identity and Culture and to be published in E-Learning.

Light, A (forthcoming)

'Adding Method to Meaning: a technique for exploring peoples' experience with digital products' in BIT special issue on 'User Experience'.

Light, A. (2004)

'Designing to Persuade: the Use of Emotion in Networked Media' in Interacting with Computers, 16, pp729-738

Light, A. (2003)

'Audience Design: Interacting with Networked Media', Interactions special issue on HCI and Mass Communication. Also: 'A Need to Commune' Interactions special issue on HCI and Mass Communication.

Urquhart, C., Light, A., Thomas, R., Barker, A., Yeoman, A., Cooper, J., Armstrong, C., Fenton, R., Lonsdale, R. and Spink, S. (2003)

'Critical incident technique and explicitation interviewing in studies of information behavior' in Journal of Library & Information Science Research, 25, pp63-88.

Light, A. (2003)

'Participants, Consumers and the Politics of Design: British Information Providers on the Web reconfigure the Audience' at Towards a New Media Paradigm. EU COST A20 Conference, University of Navarra, Pamplona , June 2003 .

Light, A. (2001)

'Representing the Producer: the Use of Semiotic Analysis to inform the Design of Interactive Components in Networked Media'; presented at DSVIS 2001, Glasgow , Scotland , June 2001,

Light, A. and Wakeman, I. (2001)

'Beyond the Interface: Users' Perceptions of Interaction and Audience on Websites'; in special issue of Interacting with Computers on ‘Interfaces for the Active Web’, 13, pp325-351

Light, A. (2001)

'Interactivity and User Commitment: Building Relationships through Interaction on Websites';, People and Computers 15, ed. Blandford, A., Vanderdonckt, J. and Gray P., London: Springer-Verlag, pp459-474.

Light, A. (2000)

'The Influence of Context on Users' Responses to Websites', International Conference on Information Seeking in Context, Gotheborg, Sweden, August 2000, and published in the 2001 yearbook ‘New Review of Information Behaviour Research’.

Light, A. and Wakeman, I. (2000)

'"My name's Chris...": the Effect of Producer Visibility on the Use of Interactive Websites'; presented at OZCHI2000, Sydney, Australia, December 2000

Light, A. and Rogers, Y. (1999)

Conversation as Publishing: the Role of News Forums on the Web', in special issue of Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication on Persistent Conversation, 4(4),

McIlhagga, M., Light, A. and Wakeman, I. (1998)

'Design Choices for Adaptive Applications', the Fourth Annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (Mobicom 98), Dallas , October 1998.


Light, A. and Andrews, M. '"Quick, the walls are being taken down!": representing an immersive space for displaying ethnographic findings through software'

Light, A. with the Fiankoma Project : 'When the Process is the Product: Using ICT to connect the people of Ghana and the UK ' (probably to appear as a chapter in a book on Technology and Social Action, eventually)


Workshops and symposia

(2005) Healey, P. and Light, A.

'When Scoring doesn't Matter: The aesthetics of performance in arcade games' at the HCI2005 workshop on Understanding and Designing for Aesthetic Experience, Edinburgh , Sept 2005


'Perceptions of Separation: place, space and the experience of the mobile phone' at the Interact2005 workshop on Space, Place and Experience in Human-Computer Interaction, Rome , Sept 2005

(2004) Blythe, M. and Light, A.

'Usable Reflexivity', at the CHI2004 workshop on Reflective HCI, Vienna , April 2004


'Audience Design: Interacting with Networked Media', Development Consortium on HCI and Mass Communication at CHI 2003 (invited)

(2003) Light, A., McManus, B., Minocha, S. and Rosbottom, J.

'HCI Education and Training: Satisfying the Stakeholders' at the HCI Educators Workshop, Napier University , April 2003


'Computing for the Real World : Networks, People and What to do with Them', Dust or Magic Conference, Oxford Brookes University , March 2003 (invited)

(2003) Light, A. and members of the Fiankoma Project

'More than an Interface: Using ICT to connect the people of Fiankoma and Brighton ', at the HCI 2003 workshop on Designing for Civil Society, Bath , Sept 2003


'Systems Literacy and the Narnia Effect: Using Education to protect Human Sovereignty over the e-Environment' at the ICS/Oxford Internet Institute Symposium, Sept 2003.


'E for Experiential' at the E-Learning Experience Seminar, User-Lab, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, October 2003 (invited)


'Reception Studies’ informs the Analysis of Future Audiences for Websites', at the HCI2002 Workshop on Understanding User Experience: Literary Analysis meets HCI


'The Private Life of Websites: British Information Providers on the Web and their Audience', in the proceedings of the International Symposium on New Competencies for the Production and Consumption of Computer-based Media, Bornholm , Denmark , May 2000. (invited)

(1998) McIlhagga, M., Light, A. and Wakeman, I.

'Towards a Design Methodology for Adaptive Applications'; 'Giving the User the Choice between a Picture and a Thousand Words' in the proceedings from the First Workshop on HCI and Mobile Devices, Glasgow , 21st - 22nd May 1998.


Research Papers:

Light, A. (1998)

'Fourteen Users in Search of a Newspaper: the Effect of Expectation on Online Behaviour', published as CSRP 507, University of Sussex , 1998.

Light, A. (1999)

‘Vermersch’s explicitation interviewing technique used in analysing human-computer interaction’, CSRP 513, University of Sussex ,1999.


Workshop co-organised:


(2004) Light, A., Blandford, A.E., Cockton, G., Dearden, A. and Finlay, J.

HCI2004 panel on 'Values in HCI: What Drives Our Practice', Leeds , Sept 2004


Research projects:

1998-00 EU’s COTCOS TMR project on co-operative working ( Rouen , etc)

1998-00 EPSRC's Lowband ( Sussex and UCL)

2004-06 EPSRC LeonardoNet: Culture, Creativity and Interaction Design ( York )

2004-05 ESRC Designing for the 21 st century Cluster: Technology and Social Action (Leeds Met and Sheffield Hallam)


Book reviews:

The Invisible Computer (Norman 1998), New Media and Society, 1999

Cognition in a Digital World (ed. van Oostendorp 2003), Convergence, in press



1991 Drama Strategies, ed. Taylor , K. (contributor), Heinemann

1997 Guide to the Internet, Enrapture

2001 Light, A. and Watson, D., Enhancing Your Website, Dorling Kindersley