TouchKeys Production Runs

The new TouchKeys site has launched!

Following the successful Kickstarter campaign, the TouchKeys project has now spun out of the university into a new company, TouchKeys Instruments Ltd. Please visit the new site for the latest information on TouchKeys and how to order a kit or instrument.
The new commercial site for the TouchKeys project, launched December 2016!

Kickstarter campaign
See here for tech details and FAQs on the TouchKeys; also see the updates for more info and videos.

TouchKeys research page
Further tech info and links to academic papers.

DIY kit installation video
Video and PDF instructions on installing a TouchKeys DIY kit on your keyboard.

TouchKeys software
Downloads and source code for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

TouchKeys forum
Google group for discussion and support on the TouchKeys system.

YouTube channel
Andrew McPherson's YouTube channel with several video demos of TouchKeys and other projects.