PFT: a Protocol For evaluating video Trackers 















This page provides the datasets, ground truth and the software implementation of performance measures to evaluate a video tracking algorithm using the protocol defined in [1] and whose block diagram is shown below in Fig. 1.

The protocol is based on a set of trials with perturbations on the data that enable an objective performance evaluation of trackers with respect to ground truth information using the lost-track-ratio (λ) curve.

The use of the software (PFT) is free for research and educational purposes only at the condition of respecting the requested citation acknowledgment.

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[1] T. Nawaz, A. Cavallaro, PFT: A protocol for evaluating video trackers, in Proc. of IEEE Int. Conf. on Image Processing, Brussels, 11-14 September 2011 pdf





Software implementation of the performance measures - Source code (.zip, 188KB, Matlab)


Test sequences and ground truth (.zip, 341 MB)


Perturbations of initializations and variations of test sequences Modified input for trackers (.zip, 1.63 GB)




Submit your results!


We encourage you to submit your tracking evaluation results obtained on the whole PFT protocol or on separate PFT trials. Results can be submitted for any number of trials, but should include all the sequences for that trial.


Please send your results in the form of a .zip folder to 


The folder should include

-         the pdf of your published paper or a web link to it

-         the tracking result files (using the format described here)

-         the AUCλ scores on the trial(s) with all the four video sequences (using the format described here)

After the submission, your results will be checked and then added here




The targets in the protocol


Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Tahir\Phd\RA_QMUL\ICIP2011\dataset_car.jpgvehicle (H1) from PETS 2000 dataset

Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Tahir\Phd\RA_QMUL\ICIP2011\dataset_walk.jpgperson (H2) from PETS 2010 dataset

head (H3) from Clemson dataset

head (H4) from SPEVI dataset




Block diagram of the protocol


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Tahir\Phd\RA_QMUL\ICIP2011\SchematicT4T.jpg


Figure 1: Schematic diagram of the evaluation Protocol for Tracking (PFT).

Vt and It are the input video sequence and the corresponding target initialization data, respectively.

Vt,i and It,i are the input to the tracker after appropriately modifying Vt and It for the tests.

Rjt,i is the trajectory estimated by tracker Tj on trial i, Sjt,i is its final evaluation score computed with reference to the ground truth Gt.



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