MTTV: an interactive trajectory visualization and analysis tool





Description: We present an interactive visualizer that enables the exploration, measurement, analysis and manipulation of trajectories. Trajectories can be generated either automatically by multi-target tracking algorithms or manually by human annotators. The visualizer helps understanding target behaviors, correcting results and quantifying the performance of tracking algorithms. Frames of the input video can be overlaid to compare ideal and estimated target locations. The visualizer is developed in C++ using openFrameworks toolkit.


Web-based visualizer


Source code C++ download (.zip). The code is described in the following reference:


F. Poiesi, A. Cavallaro, "MTTV: an interactive trajectory visualization and analysis tool," Proc. of International Conference on Information Visualization Theory and Applications, Berlin, Germany, March 2015 [pdf]


Please cite this paper if you use this code or if you use the web-based visualizer.




Acknowledgments This work was supported in part by the Artemis JU and by the UK Technology Strategy Board through COPCAMS Project under Grant 332913.