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Paper submission

i-LIDS bag and vehicle detection challenge


Paul Hosmer, Home Office Scientific Development Branch (UK)


Intelligent detection systems that provide automatic event detection using CCTV imagery have huge potential to increase the effectiveness of CCTV systems used for security and surveillance. Imagery is made available for researcher in this area via the UK government's i-LIDS standard.

This special session aims to attract papers that present state of the art methodologies for event detection. It intends to report on the accuracy, robustness and complexity on a set of clips extracted from the i-LIDS dataset. We  encourage the submission of papers in the following topics:

- Abandoned baggage detection
- Parked vehicle detection

The Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) are offering either an i-LIDS Abandoned Baggage or  Parked Vehicle training dataset as a prize to the group or individual whose algorithm offers the best performance on unseen clips from the i-LIDS library. These clips will be from the same cameras as those distributed for the AVSS 2007 conference and participants will be required to detect the events described by the i-LIDS scenario definitions.

The demonstration on the unseen clips will take place during the AVSS 2007 conference. The winner will be determined based on accurate detection of the events and the number of false alarms generated during the sequence.

The description of the tasks can be found here.

The dataset of the i-LIDS bag and vehicle detection challenge is available here

The dataset contains three clips from the Abandoned Baggage scenario and four clips from the Parked Vehicle scenario.

To participate in the challenge, authors can choose to process the whole dataset or part of the dataset. The event detection results (StartTime, AlarmDescription, and AlarmDuration) for each processed clip should be reported in the submitted paper in the form of a table. Note that no XML submission is required at the paper submission stage. Participants should declare in their paper if they have access to the full i-Lids dataset.

The challenge will take place during the AVSS 2007 conference in September, when unseen data from the i-Lids dataset will be used to test and rank the algorithms.

More information on i-LIDS can be found in the CCTV and Imaging Technology area of the HOSDB website

Calibration images

Calibration images for the unseen challenge:  (i) parked vehicle (jpg, 345 KB) (ii)
abandoned baggage (jpg, 300KB)

Briefing document

The AVSS 2007 i-LIDS challenge brief document can be found here


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