School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Research highlights

Our academics undertake world-leading research achieving results that are original, informative, often surprising or questioning, always significant and that have an impact on wider society and within specialist areas of knowledge. Watch the clips below for a snapshot of our school's research activities.

Meta the Better

Professor Yang Hao and his team describe how metamaterials - artificial materials that have unusual properties not found in nature - could have an impact in all walks of life from invisible cloaks to improving antenna design.

Music in the heart

Researchers from the Centre of Digital Music have teamed with the medical community to improve the doctor's front line tool: the stethoscope.

Mood Glove: Haptic sensations to enhance mood music in Film

Mood Glove is a haptic wearable prototype for enhancing mood music in Film through haptic sensations. The prototype is the result of an ongoing research project aimed at designing expressive haptic sensations to enrich media. This is a research project by Antonella Mazzoni for the Media and Arts Technology Doctoral Training Centre, at Queen Mary University of London.

War on cybercrime: protecting our online security

Professor Dino Distefano and Pasquale Malacaria are looking to find ways to protect our online security.

Do you hear what I hear? The science of everyday sounds

Inaugural Lecture: Professor Josh Reiss

Analysing probability to predict football results

Professor Norman Fenton uses techniques developed in the 18th Century by Thomas Bayes but too complicated to use back then to understand risk and probability in a surprising range of areas.

Centre for Digital Music - research at the intersection of Music, Audio and Technology

The Centre for Digital Music is a world-leading multidisciplinary research group in the field of Music & Audio Technology. Examples of research area covered: Artificial Intelligence, Audio Engineering, Augmented Instruments, Music Cognition, Machine Listening, Music Informatics, Music Performance and Expression, Interactional Sound & Music.

The Great Green Wired Gambit - decreasing the internet's impact on the environment

Dr Chris Phillips and his team are looking at ways of decreasing the internet's impact on the environment by switching off bits of the network that aren't actively being used.

Tile Attack

TileAttack is a two player game whose aim is to identify the parts of a text that refer to objects - e.g., people, places, locations. Find out more.

Traffic Surveillance

27 traffic scenes collected from urban environment. Multi-scene analysis is conducted on this dataset to facilitate cross-scene query, classification and multi-scene behaviour summarization. Find out more.

Climate change by numbers

In trying to determine what factors might influence a football team's performance over the course of a season, Professor Norman Fenton turns to Maths formulas often applied to predicting Climate Change.

Computer-generated music

Watch a musical performance of computer-generated folk music by academics in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.