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The Theoretical Computer Science (Theory) Research Group News

Royal Society International Exchange Awards 2017
Dr Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh, of the Theoretical Computer Science Reserach group, has been awarded a Royal Society international Exchange to work with Reinhard Muskens in the Netherlands
EECS bug-hunting tool wins international software verification competition
A bug hunting tool co-developed by an EECS researcher, Dr Michael Tautschnig, has won a prestigious award.
Can computers do magic?
Magicians could join composers and artists in finding new ideas for their performances by using computers to create new magic effects, according to computer scientists at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).
Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medals for UK’s brightest up-and-coming tech entrepreneurs
Professor Dino Distefano has today been awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medal for his contribution to society.
Facebook buys EECS’ Professor’s startup
Facebook buys EECS' Professor's startup
EECS PhD Student wins a place at the first Heidelberg Laureate Forum
EECS research contributing to online security
Researchers from EECS will contribute to the second UK Cyber Research Institute, which focuses on investigating new ways of automatically analysing computer software to reduce its vulnerability to cyber threats.
EECS Theory Group at ETAPS
Five EECS papers at prestigious computer science conference