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School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Centre for Digital Music (C4DM)

Research group

Centre for Digital Music (C4DM)

The Centre for Digital Music is a world-leading multidisciplinary research group in the field of Music & Audio Technology. Since its founding members joined Queen Mary in 2001, the Centre has grown to become arguably the UK’s leading Digital Music research group. With its broad range of skills and a strong focus on making innovation usable, the Centre for Digital Music is ideally placed to work with industry leaders in forging new business models for the music industry.

Our research into technologies for audio and music has a long and successful history, dating back to 1978  with pioneering work on Digital Power Amplification. Today, our work on the Music Ontology and in using the Semantic Web for Music is once again blazing the trail.

Our research covers the field of Music & Audio Technology from record/replay equipment in the home or studio, to the simulation and synthesis of instruments and voices, acoustic spaces, music understanding, delivery and retrieval.

We have developed systems for automatic playlisting from personal collections (SoundBite), for looking inside the audio (Sonic Visualiser) for automatically synchronising to a drummer (B-Keeper), for hardening/softening transients, and many others. We also regularly release some of our algorithms under Open Source licences, while maintaining a healthy portfolio of patents.

We also produce interactive art installations under the guise of C4DM Presents.

Keywords: Music Information Retreival, Music Informatics, Semantic Audio, Semantic Web for Music, Digital Signal Processing for Music and Audio, Transient Analysis and Onsets,Independent Component Analysis, Blind Source Separation, Sparse Representations, Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Processing.

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