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EECS Research Impact

Embedded in our ethos is a strong will to encourage our researchers to find an audience beyond academia and we do this through both School and College support for the four strategic activities of

  • Interdisciplinary research
  • Industrial collaboration
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Public engagement and media relations

In these pages we highlight the impact that our research has had on the non-academic community, through impact on society, culture and creativity, public policy and services as well as economic impact.

As part of the UK governments evaluation of research excellence across UK universities (the 2014 Research Excellence Framework or REF2014) each research discipline in each university was asked to provide a number of Impact Case Studies describing impacts that have provided benefits to one or more areas of culture, the economy, the environment , health, public policy and services, quality of life, or society, whether locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.

During our preparation for REF2014 we identified the 12 cases studies highlighted below which exemplify both the subject variety of our research (all our 8 research groups are represented here) as well as the range of impact that our research has had.

  • dashboard_thumb
    Actual Experience
  • agena-risk
    Agena Risk
  • mixgenius-sound-engineering
    Automatic Mixing for Audio and Music Production
  • emotional-man
  • Efficient and Scalable Video Coding
  • emys-emotion
    Facing Up To Robots
  • music-informatics-and-sonic-visualiser
    Music Informatics and Sonic Visualiser
  • multi-target-tracking-footage
    Multi-target tracking and scene analysis impact statement
  • Dino_RAEng
    Automatic Memory Safety Verification for Critical Software
  • UWB_finger
    Ultra Wideband (UWB) Antennas and Propagation
  • bbc_playlister
    Semantic web for Music
  • From Behaviour Analysis to Re-Identification
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