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First Lego League

The First Lego League is a national and world wide competition involving students (9-16 year-olds) in teams of up to 10. Each team has to complete several tasks at a host centre and their performance is scored. These tasks centre around a Lego build using Lego Mindstorms. The project involves the team researching a problem and giving a possible solution, and demonstrating core values: good work, professionalism, kindness and respect. Winners of a region go onto a national final and then the worldwide final.

First Lego League

This year's competition took place on 16th Jan 2016. School kids from across London competed to solve the world’s ‘Trash’ problems as part of a First Lego League tournament hosted by the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. For more details about this year's competition see the following news article and this photo album.

The UK FLL site ( has more information on how to take part and where the hosts have been and will be for the competition period.

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