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Ms Sophie Skach


Room Number: Peter Landin, CS 409


Bridging Arts and Technology (Undergraduate)

This module investigates the relevance of creativity to computers and their applications. Students will develop ideas through a range of artistic practices to see how creativity informs technological development. Student writing will be developed through exploring narratives of technology, such as science fiction, using this as a springboard to understand the protocols and algorithms that underpin the technologies used in the digital world.


Research Interests:

Electronic Textiles, Social Interaction, Fabric Sensors, Non-Verbal Behaviour


  • STEWART RL, SKACH S, BIN SMA (2018). Making Grooves With Needles: Using e-textiles to encourage gender diversity in embedded audio systems design. ACM Designing Interactive Systems
  • SKACH S, XAMBO A, TURCHET L et al. (2018). Embodied Interactions with E-Textiles and the Internet of Sounds for Performing Arts. ACM Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interactions
  • STEWART RL, Skach S (2017). Initial Investigations into Characterizing DIY E-Textile Stretch Sensors. 4th International Conference on Movement Computing
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