School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Dr Karen Shoop, BA MSc PhD


Senior Lecturer

Telephone: +44 20 7882 8014
Room Number: Peter Landin, CS 418


Arts Application Programming (Undergraduate)

This module will introduce programming to students through designing and building arts applications. Students will learn to build graphics-based applications using Processing and audio applications using Java. By focussing on the range of applications that can be built, students will learn programming skills. The focus on this module is as much on the creativity of ideas as on how to write code to realise these ideas.

Bridging Arts and Technology (Undergraduate)

This module investigates the relevance of creativity to computers and their applications. Students will develop ideas through a range of artistic practices to see how creativity informs technological development. Student writing will be developed through exploring narratives of technology, such as science fiction, using this as a springboard to understand the protocols and algorithms that underpin the technologies used in the digital world.

Information Systems Management (BUPT joint programme)

MSc Advanced Placement Project (Postgraduate)

This module focuses on the research and communication skills needed to successfully execute an advanced placement project with an external partner. It will introduce group work exercises basic presentation skills and consider the application of research methods to concrete problems. Students will identify and develop their placement project proposals, present and critique them. The module is assessed by oral examination and thesis produced at the end of the project.



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