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Professor Jonathan Pitts, MEng PhD


Professor of Communication Engineering

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Room Number: Engineering, Eng E308
Office Hours: Wednesday 11:00-12:00


Network Planning, Finance and Management (Undergraduate)

By the end of this module you will understand and describe the principles underlying financial, technology and technical / traffic planning in large-scale telecommunications networks. Assess evolving changes in large-scale telecommunications networks, and explain how they impact environmental issues, and issues associated with routing. Understand customer requirements, and design project plans to meet those requirements. Understand, summarize and explain how large-scale networks are deployed. Understand, list and summarize the costs associated with deploying large-scale networks, using large-scale service provider networks as an example. Understand and list the reasons for standardisation and regulation. Analyse figures generate balance sheets, understand profit and loss accounts.

Network Planning, Finance and Management (Postgraduate)

This is a broad module designed to introduce students to many aspects of network planning, management and finance.


Research Interests:

If you've landed here after clicking through from the Actual Experience web-site or user interface, then you've got to the right place. Welcome! This is the academic "home" of Actual Experience plc - a Queen Mary University of London spinout company that I co-founded in 2009 with Dave Page to commercialise a totally new approach to managing IT infrastructure, i.e. optimising the human experience of networked applications. There are a number of videos here about the company, explaining Digital Quality for businesses and consumers, as well as an interview with Dave Page.

An outline of my research interests is on this page, and at the top and bottom of the page you'll find a variety of buttons and quick links to various teaching and research resources within the school of electronic engineering and computer science. Click on the QM logo above to access the main university web-site, where you'll find further links for research, business, taught programmes etc..

Take a look at the EECS research impact site where you'll find details of the underpinning research stories to 12 impact case studies, including that of Actual Experience. This highlights the blue-sky research in the Networks group over a period of two decades, specialising in the analysis and measurement of complex traffic and network behaviours in packet-based networking technologies.

If you are interested in finding out more about my research and Actual Experience, do please email me (details on this page) or contact the company (details here). 

My research interests focus around the theory and practice of resource sharing under uncertainty in networked systems. I am particularly interested in exploring the complex behaviours of shared network and compute infrastructure and expressing these in terms of end-to-end performance. Much of my work in recent years has been to interpret conventional end-to-end metrics using holistic Quality of Experience formulations. This enables resource sharing to be linked directly to productivity and economic impact, and is opening up fascinating new perspectives on the design, configuration and operation of networked systems. 

In 2009 I co-founded Actual Experience with Dave Page to commercialise this new approach to managing IT infrastructure, i.e. optimising the human experience of networked applications. Our aim is not to generate lots of data (typically, our customers are already well instrumented), but to provide actionable information that leads to improved processes (by automatically locating the problems that users notice), increased operational capacity (by targeting IT investment on the parts that will bring noticeable improvement), and better understanding (by quantifying and benchmarking the results of IT investment). Follow the link to see how we are helping improve Digital Quality for businesses, governments, and consumers. 

Since founding the company, we have recruited an outstanding team to bring our cloud service - Digital Supply Chain Director - to market. In 2014 we listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange, and later in the year (with increasing levels of interest in the Company?s analytics services from North America) established a US subsidiary to accommodate customers in those markets.

In addition to helping enterprises with our award-winning analytics services, Actual Experience's BbFix project is our crowd-sourced analytics programme to improve the experience of using the Internet for consumers all over the world. We are also helping Ofcom in the UK and other regulators elsewhere in their research into broadband performance by analysing people's home broadband experience. You can find more information about BbFix here.

Actual Experience Awards
2014: Named one of four UK companies in the Red Herring Global: Top 100 Winners.
2014: Business IT Innovation of the Year at the UK IT Industry Awards. 
2014: Named one of Red Herring?s Top 100 award winners, these awards recognise Europe?s leading private companies, celebrating startups? innovations and technologies across their respective industries.
2014: Queen Mary University of London won the Business Impact - Achieved Award for its development and spin-out of Actual Experience.
2013: Named a winner in Cisco?s 2013 British Innovation Gateway (BIG) Awards.
2012 IET Innovation Award: Demonstrating the importance of the 'human experience' and successfully developing a new way to measure how a company's technology performance affects staff productivity, Actual Experience has been acknowledged for its achievements at the Institution of Engineering and Technology's (IET's) 2012 Innovation Awards ceremony, which took place on Thursday 22 November 2012. The full IET press release ('Digital analysts provide CIOs with key to IT estate') can be found here.


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