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Mr Eranjan Udayanga Padumadasa

Eranjan Udayanga


Telephone: +44 20 7882 6282
Room Number: Peter Landin, CS 302
Office Hours: Wednesday 12:00-02:00


Entrepreneurship in Information Technology (Undergraduate)

The aim of this module is to increase your awareness of the commercial opportunities available to you in the area of Information Technology. We examine how to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and discuss the routes available for turning your ideas into business ventures. The module provides an introduction to a number of crucial business skills such as financial planning, business planning and how to sell yourself and your ideas. Please note that numbers on this module are limited. Priority will be given to Computer Science students who have this module on their recommended programme.

Software Development and Quality (Undergraduate)

The module will cover the entire software development lifecycle from design through to deployment and maintenance, with an emphasis on quality, industry standards, and professional issues. Topics will include: software in business; software development processes and technologies; modelling, architecture and design; configuration, change, versioning and release management; implementation deployment and maintenance; legacy architectures, technologies and systems; software quality, standards and processes; project management, resourcing and control; project risk management; software documentation.

Software Engineering (Work based)

This module is only open to degree apprentices in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. It covers the following topics: engineering principles, management principles, theoretical foundations, tools and notation for development and testing of large-scale software systems; practical skills in using a range of relevant tools including a Java programming IDE, unit testing tool, configuration management tool, UML design tool, and project planning tool; exposure to industry-standard techniques and tools.

Software Engineering Project (Work based)

This module is only open to degree apprentices in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. Students will identify a significant software problem to solve from their workplace context, in conjunction with the module lecturer and their employer. To meet the problem requirements and build a satisfactory system within the time constraints, the students will have to apply the principles learnt in ECS505W Software Engineering.


Research Interests:

Online Privacy Law, Online Tracking, Privacy Enhancing Technologies, Data Protection Regulations
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