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Mr Stephen McGregor


Room Number: Peter Landin, CS 335


Research Interests:

I'm currently a PhD candidate, due to submit my thesis early in 2017.  I work in the Computational Creativity Lab and the Computational Linguistics Lab.  Creativity is a difficult concept to define, but I would like to suggest that it has something to do with bringing meaning into the world.  With this in mind, I'm interested in the question of how computers can model the move from data, which can be anything and are not necessarily meaningful, to outputs which are expressive, semantic, and about the world.

In particular I study statistical approaches to modelling word meaning.  I've developed a contextually dynamic distributional semantic model which takes textual input and generates ad hoc context specific spaces of word meaning.  These spaces, when properly constructed, are characterised by geometries which map the relationship between words and concepts, facilitating the move from the referential to the intentional.  The particular focus of my research at the moment is mapping analogical relationships.


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