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Mr Marco Martinez Ramirez


Room Number: Engineering, Eng 104


Digital Audio Effects (Undergraduate)

This module covers the entire field of digital audio effects, including some depth in the subfields and related subjects. It is concerned with the use of digital signal processing and its applications to the creation or modification of sounds and sound effects. It explains what can be done in the digital processing of sounds in the form of computer algorithms and sound examples resulting from these transformations. It describes signal processing concepts and software implementations, as well as advances in filters, delays, modulators, and time-frequency processing of sound. It primarily covers time-domain, non- linear, time-segment, time-frequency, source-filter, spectral, bitstream signal processing, spatial effects, time and frequency warping, and the control of audio effects.

Real-Time DSP (Postgraduate)

This module will provide training in the use of the latest programmable DSP devices. The module is examined entirely through coursework. Students will use TI DSP chips to undertake various exercises and projects. The module will also cover: * Introdution to Real Time DSP Systems * Basic CPU Architecture * The TI C6xxx Architecture * Introduction to Code Composer Studio * Coding numerical issues


Research Interests:

~Intelligent music production: audio mixing, audio effects
~Deep learning architectures for audio processing
~Music information retrieval


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