School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Mr Mohammad Malekzadeh


Room Number: Peter Landin, CS 440


Security Engineering (Undergraduate)

Cyber-security is an indispensable requisite of any IT-dependent enterprise and critical knowledge and skills in security is in increasing demand. This module emphasizes on cyber security engineering, and will cover a broad range of cyber security fundamentals, including major concepts, security requirements, practices, technologies and policies. Weekly labs will deliver a range of skills in enforcing security requirements, performing system evaluation and mitigating common vulnerabilities.


Research Interests:

Mohammad is currently a PhD student in Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London and a member of DataboxProject, an EPSRC project on privacy-aware personal data platform. His research focuses on machine learning for privacy-preserving data mining and publishing, particularly for time-series data generated by Internet of Things (IoT) devices. [His Official Webpage]