School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Mr Chris Jack


Room Number: Engineering, Eng G2


Research Interests:

My PhD work focuses on the interactions between mindfulness meditation and technology: looking at how technology holds the potential to be supportive of learning mindfulness, rather than a hindrance to it. In this investigation I am also particularly interested in how methods from mindfulness meditation training can be applied to human-computer interaction research.

I am presently developing an interactive, gesture-based mobile app design that supports a beginner in learning to relax and focus on their natural breathing cycle, in the process developing a space for awareness of, and kindness towards, the automatic thought patterns ? mind wandering ? that arise in the mind.

On a more theoretical note, I am also currently considering a number of postdigital perspectives on contemplative practices. This includes asking what are the consequences of taking practices such as mindfulness meditation as technologies in themselves? Might they be explored in the fullest sense of a technology (a word which carries an etymology covering art, ethics, 'reasoned discourse? and study), perhaps taken to be dependently arising with the evolution of man and therefore evolvable according to our interactions with them? Or else what is it to take such practices as mere method, as a set of techniques to follow? Wherein there lies the ethical and epistemological dimensions? Are they flattened with the technique into the form of a self-help tool?

My previous work ranges from cognitive robotics to sonic art and sculpture. A number of my formative years were spent doing support work with adults with a learning disability