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Mr Tom Gurion


Room Number: Peter Landin, CS 400


Arts Application Programming (Undergraduate)

This module will introduce programming to students through designing and building arts applications. Students will learn to build graphics-based applications using Processing and audio applications using Java. By focussing on the range of applications that can be built, students will learn programming skills. The focus on this module is as much on the creativity of ideas as on how to write code to realise these ideas.

Parallel Computing (Postgraduate)

High performance computing refers to the practice of aggregating computing power in order to deliver higher performance than would be obtained from a normal desktop machine. This module introduces concepts associated with high performance computing, such as parallel processing, hardware acceleration, GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) programming and FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) programming. It also explores some of the contexts in which high performance computing is often used, e.g. in scientific research and in business.


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