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Mr Daniel Gabana Arellano


Associate Lecturer

Room Number: Engineering, Eng G2


Creating Interactive Objects (Undergraduate)

Interactive objects are physical devices controlled by microcontrollers using simple sensors and actuators. The module provides students with skills, knowledge, and experience of designing and prototyping interactive physical objects using contemporary microcontrollers. The module covers basic electronics, control circuits, sensors (analogue and digital), output (analogue and digital), microcontrollers, simple networking, and microcontroller programming using the popular Arduino open-source platform. It additionally touches on topics of interaction design and evaluation to provide a framework in which students can prototype and understand interactive objects.

Interactive System Design (Undergraduate/Postgraduate)

The main areas of study are (i) interaction and design (ii) modelling of interaction (iii) the design process (iv) design principles and (v) usability evaluation. Various types of interfaces will be considered including those encountered on the web and mobile computing devices. A historical perspective is encouraged in order to provide a means of understanding current and projected developments in the discipline and profession of interactive computer system design. The module will include seminars and group laboratory classes in which analysis, design and evaluation methods will be used in practical contexts. Students will be expected to participate fully in the seminars by presenting and discussing their own designs and evaluations. Students will be required to construct prototype interfaces using techniques of their own choice (e.g. Java, Director).

IT Programming (Postgraduate)

This is a double module which provides an introduction to the principles of programming in the context of designing and constructing complete programs. Programming techniques will be introduced in the Java programming language and practical work will form an integral part of the module and of the assessment of students. The first half of the course will concentrate on program structures. The second half will cover representation of abstract types such as lists and trees using the types such as records and arrays provided in imperative programming languages.

Software and Network Services Design (Postgraduate)

This module provides an introduction to Object Orientated Programming using Java to enable students to do practical work in Mobile Services (ECM7205)


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