School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science

Dr Paula Fonseca, PhD MIET


Lecturer in Software and Digital Systems

Telephone: +44 20 7882 7340
Room Number: Engineering, Eng E203
Office Hours: Tuesday 16:00-18:00


Advanced Network Programming (BUPT joint programme)

This module builds on the students' Java programming skills to equip them with a conceptual understanding of a selection of advanced topics in network programming including threads, sockets, RMI, JavaScript and server-side topics (servlets, JSPs and JavaBeans). HTML and the HTTP protocol are also covered. The course contains a coursework component requiring each student to understand how to develop a distributed application such as an e-commerce platform, implemented using the technologies introduced in the lectures.

C Programming (Undergraduate)

This module introduces the principles of C Programming to students who already know how to program at a basic level in Java. It provides a knowledge of the theory of C Programming and also its practical use in real engineering systems. The focus is on microprocessor based systems.

Digital Circuit Design (Undergraduate)

The module covers: Number Systems and Codes; Boolean Algebra and Basic Logic Functions; MAP minimisation; Combinational Logic; Synchronous Sequential Logic; VHDL

Introductory Java Programming (BUPT joint programme)



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  • Fonseca P, Pitts JM, Cuthbert LG (1995). Exact fluid-flow analysis of single ON/OFF source feeding an ATM buffer with space priority. nameOfConference